Internship Opportunities With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Gaining Experience Working for the NFL

Tampa Bay Buccaneers flag and fans
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The NFL was formed in 1920 and consisted of a total of eleven teams. At that time it was known as the American Professional Football Association and changed its name to the National Football League shortly after in 1922 and now consists of thirty-two teams.

The regular football season consists of seventeen weeks beginning the first full week of September and goes until late December or early January. The football season culminates with the Super Bowl that is held at a pre-selected site which is home to one of the NFL teams.

About the Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers became the NFL’s 27th franchise in 1974. They won their first SuperBowl (XXXVII) on January 26, 2003, in San Diego against the Oakland Raiders.

Internships With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers provides a number of internship opportunities for current college students who are interested in learning more about working in the field of sports. Even though there are only a limited number of players and sports managers for each of the individual teams, each sport and each major and minor team have a wide variety of internships and jobs available. Various departments throughout the organization offer hand’s on experience for students to experience while interning for the Buccaneers. Students receive supervision throughout their internships where they will learn the technical skills, knowledge, and what it takes to become successful on the job.

Internship opportunities are available in:

  • Accounting
  • Community Communications
  • Corporate Partnerships
  • Community Relations
  • Public Relations

To get a current listing of internships available with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, check out the NFL website.


All students completing an internship with the Buccaneers must receive college credit. One major advantage of working for a sports team is all of the connections that can be made and all of the networking opportunities that are available for serious college students. With the right motivation and determination to succeed, interns will learn invaluable skills that will move them closer to achieving their career goals. Students will be expected to achieve specific objectives that will help to compliment what they are learning in the classroom.

Interns will also participate in professional training on topics such as resume development, job search tips, and interviewing guidelines to help better prepare them for entering the business world after graduation. The tips can create an enormous advantage for those seeking positions in sports upon graduation.


Students from all majors are accepted into the Buccaneers Internship Program and will then be matched with those internships that have a relationship with their major. Interns must provide their housing and be willing to work long and flexible work weeks that often include all Buccaneer home games and ongoing events.