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MathWorks provides technical computing software for data analysis, visualization, and mathematical computations. MathWork's products include MATLAB, Simulink, and Polyspace and are used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, communications, electronics, financial services, and industrial automation. 

Interning at MathWorks offers students a good salary and a chance to work with dedicated professionals that take pride in their work. MathWorks is seeking college students that are pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and must be able to make a 3-month commitment and be able to work in the Boston, MA area.

Why Intern at MathWorks?

Interns rated MathWorks a 4.4 out of 5.0, with high marks for culture & values and work/life balance.  76% said they would recommend the company to a friend.  Some of the other pro's included good pay and a great office culture with dedicated people who deliver good quality of work.  At MathWorks, interns learn a lot from working closely with their team.  There is also “ Wednesday Free Breakfast” and tasty Indian food always available!

At MathWorks, it’s also a chance to collaborate with bright, passionate people. It’s about contributing to software products that make a difference. It’s being part of a company with an incredible commitment to doing the right thing – for the individual, the customer, and the community.

At MathWorks, the salaries for interns range from $17 to $31 per hour.

Internship Pick of the Week: Software Engineering Intern


HQ is Natick, MA (Related locations: Framingham, Worcester, Metro West, Boston, Massachusetts, New England)

Department: Engineering Services

Job Summary:

MathWorks is looking for summer interns and fall/spring co-op students who are actively pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science. As part of this program, students will receive a combination of practical experience and training in a work environment that fosters and rewards cooperation, teamwork, learning, and fun. As an intern, students will work on technical projects with MathWork’s experienced software engineers.

Job Responsibilities:

After training on MathWorks development processes and tools, students will work with a development team on implementing features such as algorithms or UIs for a future release of one of MathWork’s 90+ products, or help to develop automated tests to verify that features in MATLAB are working as designed.

This internship will prepare students for a career at MathWorks starting in the “Computer Science Development Group.”

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Candidates for this position must be authorized to work in the United States on a full-time basis for any employer without restriction.
  • Visa sponsorship will not be provided for this position.
  • Students must be working towards a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science

Qualifications Preferred:

  • A 3-month full-time commitment
  • Object Oriented Programming experience (One or more of C++, Java OR JavaScript)
  • Strong Communication skills
  • Strong academic record
  • MATLAB knowledge or experience is a plus

How to Apply:

About 61% of MathWorks interns found their jobs online, while an additional 18% found them through a campus recruiter and 14% were referred by a friend or colleague.   Once students apply, they will receive an email in about 2 weeks for an online interview.   Assuming students are selected to move to the next phase, they may be selected for a technical interview, which includes 32 questions, 29 of which are from MATLAB, a section on ​programming language, a specific programming area, and Linear Algebra.


Sample questions include things like:


  • How's an LTI system stable? -
  • What are Eigenvalues?
  • Find stability of LTI system
  • Find Eigenvalues
  • Rank of a matrix
  • What is Bode plot?


  • Solve an ODE - Diff between ODE and PDE
  • Solve a limit involving indefinite terms