Internship Opportunities at Nvidia

Nvidia campus
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Nvidia invented the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) in 1999 which unlocked the power of visual computing. The cards and mobile processors they used in everything from smartphones & tablets, high-speed gaming machines to the graphics design used to create the visual effects in movies and the design of complex products like jumbo jets and race cars. Nvidia’s goal is to become and remain the most important 3D company in the world. And we can definitely see the direction that 3D is going in movies, gaming, design, and many other areas.

Nvidia has been acknowledged for their excellence through the numerous awards they have received, including The Employee’s Choice – 50 Best Places to Work by in 2012, Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies in 2008, The BusinessWeek Top 50 in 2008, Company of the Year by Forbes in 2007, and # 11 in Bloomberg BusinessWeek 25 Companies with the Highest paying Internships. also says they are rated a 3.4 out of 5 by their employees and the average hourly rate for an intern at Nvidia is $30.90


San Jose, CA; Beaverton, OR; Santa Clara, CA.; Austin, TX

Intern Positions

Intern positions at Nvidia are available in the following areas:

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Architecture
  • Systems and Applications
  • Technical Marketing
  • Information Technology


Nvidia offers some truly unique benefits to their Interns including:

  • Round-trip airfare to and from the Nvidia location you will be working at or travel reimbursement if you are driving.
  • A Housing and Relocation Stipend to assist with temporary living expenses.
  • Special Intern Events to meet other people at Nvidia and Network.
  • Intern 401K Plan.
  • Health Benefits if you can’t be covered by your parents or university.
  • Mentor Program where you will be teamed up with a full-time mentor to help you get the most of your Internship.
  • Excellent compensation (see above).
  • An Employees Assistance Program (EAP) to provide qualified counseling and others resources when necessary.
  • Paid Holidays


"Working at NVIDIA provided me with unique opportunities. I was able to see the bleeding edge of technology and work with the people who help shape it. The people I met, as well as the experiences I had with the projects on which I worked, will be a tremendous help as I continue on with my Ph.D." - JeffStuart, Summer 2006 Intern, Software Team

Internship Pick of the Week

Product Management Intern: Nvidia is looking for a Product Management intern who can thrive in a fast-paced working environment as a part of the product management team for one of NVIDIA's leading brands: NVIDIA ® GeForce ®, NVIDIA Tegra ®, NVIDIA Tesla ®, or NVIDIA Quadro ®. In this position, interns will work alongside industry experts to help bring revolutionary products to market. The right candidate will be immersed in a culture built on innovation, creativity, and a passion to make a difference in the world.


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to developing product positioning, messaging, forecasting, market/trend analyses, pricing, competitive analyses, and product roadmaps. Specifically, interns will help develop business and market models to drive the next level of growth for NVIDIA's business. Communication skills are essential as the Product Management intern must work proactively across various functional areas in the company, including engineering, operations, sales, marketing, and finance.

An understanding of semiconductor industry and PC industry dynamics is an advantage.

Minimum Requirements

The ideal candidate should:

  • Possess a technical degree in EE, CE, CS, or equivalent
  • Be pursuing an MBA at a leading school
  • Have hands-on experience in market research and analysis
  • Be familiar with product life-cycles

To Apply

Candidates must submit their resume in Word, PDF, or text format to MBA students can visit theirMBA Internship page.

**Applicants must be working toward a BS, MS, or Ph.D. in EE, CS, CE, or a related field.

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