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Internships.com offers regionally focused guides on internships, part and full-time career-related internships, and jobs in both the non-profit and private sectors. “By focusing solely on the world of interns and the support services that are required to optimize this fantastic source of talent, we’ve been able to structure our pricing and services to scale with the needs of businesses large and small,” states C. Mason Gates, founder of InternDirect and President of Internships.com.

The Pros

"I often use Internships.com for finding all kinds of internships and sign up is free for all students and employers who are interested in posting internships. I really like the fact that I can enter my criteria and usually locate a good number of relevant opportunities. I find that Internships.com provides listings on specific internships that I can't find anywhere else."

"I like the fact that it's easy to use and once you have selected your major and location, you're provided with a long list of internship opportunities. In addition, I also like that students can specify the type of compensation they prefer (paid, college credit, stipend, scholarship, travel expenses, tuition assistance). For internships abroad, you can select a continent and then one or more countries to receive a listing of internships in that particular region."

Internship Resources

"The Internship Predictor walks students through a series of questions with a report attached at the end on individual strengths and personal preferences while help with making a resume is available as well. In addition, personalized emails sending out notifications of potential internships available in specific areas of interest can easily be signed up for once you're logged onto the site.

Another feature I like are the educational aspects such as the articles that discuss various topics on internships."

The Cons

"There are times when I do use Internships.com and get internship listings that don't match the criteria I entered. Although Internships.com offers a plethora of internship listings, there are definitely certain career fields that tend to be underrepresented. Another problem that I find with Internships.com is the Application Deadline that appears at the top right corner of each listing. Many times it says "Application Deadline: None" only to find a deadline listed somewhere in the internship description below."

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You can follow Internships.com on Twitter as well as finding out What's New on their website.

For employers, Internships.com offers workshops to educate them on best internship practices, an Intern Manual that can be downloaded, as well as tips on paying interns.

A Paid Subscription Service Offered Through Many Colleges

Internships.com is a technology-based company that works hard to match, track, and report internship opportunities and statistics to students, educators, and employers. It was developed in cooperation with Radford University.

Check with your college's Career Services Office to see if they offer this resource for free. A private one-month subscription is $4.75, a premium one-month subscription costs $9.75, or you can purchase a 3-month premium subscription for $28.75. Due to Internship.com's sole focus on internships, they are able to provide listings of thousands of internships to college students all over the world.

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Interview with C. Mason Gates, founder of InternDirect LLC (the original entity of Internships.com), and currently serves on the President's Advisory Council of Radford University and the Advisory Board of Radford University's College of Business and Economics.