High School Student Internships

High school teacher guiding student at woodcutting machine
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Internship opportunities available for high school students are increasing and they provide students with valuable information even before they enter college. Just like any internship, the opportunities that are available for high school students give them a heads-up on some of the career options that are available to them even before they become a college student.

Why Do an Internship as a High School Student?

There are many reasons why you would want to do an internship as a high school student. For starters, internships are a great way to begin exploring career options and finding those jobs that may be of interest when seeking to find a job that you may want to pursue in the future.

Many students begin college with no idea of what career they may want to pursue, but by completing an internship, they begin to get acquainted early with some of the career opportunities that are available. Many times students identify early what careers they don’t want to do and that information can be just as valuable when learning about career options.

Completing an internship as a high school student helps prepare you early for finding internships and jobs in the future. It also helps students decide what courses they may like to take when they begin college. High school students will begin to develop the confidence and skills they will need when applying for opportunities in the future. This experience will make it easier when applying since you will have already developed the skills you need to be successful.

Internships during high school are not as prevalent as those that are completed during college. This is why doing a high school internship is so important because it can set you apart from your peers. The majority of internships during high school can be found by networking with family, friends, teachers, previous employers, etc., or by prospecting by contacting organizations of interest to see if they are interested in hiring a high school intern.

The Resume

High school internships also look impressive on a college resume where you can continue to add experiences – courses, internships, jobs, co-curricular activities, volunteer opportunities – a high school internship will provide valuable experience on your resume during your first year of college.

By following the internship application process, you will learn important job search skills that will help you become successful when seeking a job after college. You will get a chance to explore a career of interest and begin networking with professionals in the field. Corporations with formal internship programs will post their procedure to apply. It's important to follow the directions to ensure that you can follow directions and have the ability to pay attention to details.

First, you will need to create a resume (maybe a cover letter as well) and then learn how to interview that puts you ahead of the competition. Making important networking connections at your internship is an important step in the process. Finding a good mentor at your internship can be especially helpful when seeking a recommendation as you seek other opportunities. Developing strong networking connections at your internship can be helpful when seeking recommendations and once you’re in the job search process.

Completing an internship during high school shows colleges that you are motivated and willing to work hard and are able to face a challenge. Your high school internship can be something that makes you stand apart from the competition in the application and interviewing process.