Summer Internships With NBA Orlando Magic

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Like many other industries, completing an internship or volunteer experience in the sports industry can go a long way in gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to get hired in the field. Making professional connections is also key to getting hired in this industry and learning how to network and meet people in the field of sports will work to an intern's advantage.

What Makes an Internship With Orlando Magic a Valuable Experience

An internship with the Orlando Magic is incredibly valuable to a student or graduate who is looking to enter the Sports Management field. Our interns attend meetings, plan events, and work Orlando Magic home games. Orlando Magic interns assist with game presentations, press conferences, sponsorship activation, and many other important responsibilities based on the department in which they work.

We also provide networking opportunities, resume, and interview skill training, and hold monthly meetings titled "College of Knowledge," which are held for interns only. We bring in a different member of our Leadership team to speak to the interns, tell them how they climbed the Sports industry ladder, and answer any of their questions. It is a great opportunity for students to get in front of our Directors and Vice Presidents, and even our ​COO and General Manager.

Please Describe the Type of Internships That Are Available With Orlando Magic

We hire summer and season interns. Our summer interns work three months in our off-season and help the organization prepare for the upcoming season. Our season interns work a full nine months and are able to work home games at the Amway Arena.

Both summer and season internships are full time. We offer internships in a variety of departments, including; Arena Operations, Basketball Operations, Broadcasting, Business Strategy, Communications, Community Relations, Corporate Partnerships, Interactive Marketing, Graphic Design, Information Technology, Marketing, Orlando Magic Youth Foundation, Season Ticket Services & Operations, Strength & Conditioning, and Ticket Sales.

Approximately How Many Interns Does Orlando Magic Hire Each Year

The Orlando Magic normally hires about 15 interns for the summer timeframe and approximately 25 interns for the season.

Approximately How Many Interns Does Orlando Magic Hire on as Full-Time Employees

This is actually a great fact that I love to share with prospective interns. Out of the 160 full-time employees the Orlando Magic currently has, approximately 55 of them started out as interns with the Orlando Magic. We take great pride in that fact. If an intern comes into the Magic with a great attitude and hard work ethic, they will get noticed.

An internship does not guarantee anyone a full-time position, but if a position does open up while an intern is there and they have done a great job, they will have a huge advantage over external candidates. We keep all former interns e-mail addresses in our Alumni distribution list, and we keep them posted via email on all job opportunities that arise.

What Advice Would You Give Students Who Are Interested in a Career in Sports

Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer!! Most schools have athletic departments, and even if you are a ticket taker or a customer service rep, having that experience on your resume will put you above someone who doesn't. Spend a summer working for a minor league team or become a team manager for any one of your school's teams.

Get as involved as possible in sports as you can, and try to pick an aspect of it that you are interested in. If you are interested in the sales side, then work with your college's ticket office. If you're interested in marketing, volunteer to help out at football or basketball games. Even if you're not getting paid, that experience will be priceless. Many professional sports teams also have game night or day positions, which are great for students because of the flexible hours.

Are There Any Specific Majors That Would Prepare Students for a Career

Many big schools are now offering Sport Management majors or minors, and that is a great way to learn about the industry. When I look at resumes, I look more at the experience than the major.

What Does Orlando Magic Look for When Interviewing Interns and Employees

We look for someone who is hard working and passionate about sports. When you work in Sports, you do not work the typical 9-5 day. There are days when you work 12-15 hours based on the game schedule, and we look for someone who is passionate enough about sports to love those long days! We normally receive about 100 resumes for each internship we offer, and I normally interview approximately 10 of those candidates for each internship.

The things that impress me most in those interviews are people who are focused, have done their research on the Magic, and are excited about the opportunity. Candidates who are applying for an internship in the exact area they want to work in in the future is great as well, as that shows they have goals and they might be a good full-time candidate down the line.

What Personal Attributes and Experiences Does Orlando Magic Seek in Their Job Applicants

We look for positive people with great attitudes who will fit into our culture. They need to have strong goals and the work ethic to reach those goals. Since we have internships in several different areas, candidates who have specific experience, whether it be in a club, volunteering, part or full-time positions in the specific area they are applying for, will really stand out.

How Can College Students Prepare Themselves for a Career in the Sports Industry

Volunteering and getting that experience is the most important thing. Many schools have groups or clubs that students can be involved with as well. If there's a professional or minor league team in their area, I would recommend getting to know people in the organization and making those contacts as early as possible, which could include volunteering with the team or working part time while in school.

Also, most Career Services Offices at colleges and universities across the country are a great place to go for information as well. We post all our internships with all the schools in Florida, as well as many schools throughout the country. All Orlando Magic Internships are posted online.