Interview Question: Do You Think a Temporary Job Is a Good Fit?

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When you’re invited to interview for a temporary position, the employer wants to know that you’ll have what it takes to be successful in the job, even though it’s not a permanent position. A big part of being a successful temp worker is having the right attitude. Employers want to know that you're enthusiastic about the idea of a temporary job, even though you won't likely be staying long-term. For that reason, many interviewers will screen candidates by asking why you think a temporary job is a good fit for you.

Even if you eventually hope to transition into a permanent position, it's important to still be very enthusiastic when answering this question at your job interview. Explain the circumstances that make a temporary job ideal for you right now and the qualities that make you a strong temp worker.

Tips for Giving the Best Answers

One way to answer this question is to focus on why your current situation makes temp work ideal for you. For example, temporary work might be right for you if you’re still figuring out your long-term career goals, or if you want to gain a bit of professional experience before returning to school to finish or pursue another degree. Keep in mind when phrasing your answers, though, that the interviewer will also want to know how your desire to be a temp worker can benefit them and the company.

You can also answer this question by focusing on why your personality makes you a good fit for the job.

For example, you can explain that you are good at and enjoy communicating and working with many different people, so you adjust to new work environments well. You might also explain that you’re a quick learner so that you know you’ll quickly learn new office procedures.

A very strong answer will combine both of these types of information. It’s best if you can explain why temporary work aligns well with your current circumstances and why your personality is also perfect for a temp job.

Ace the Interview With Honesty and Positivity

Like any other interview, it's important to be honest when answering interview questions about temporary work. You should honestly explain why temp work makes sense for you right now, based on your current professional or personal situation.

If you’re going to focus on why your personality makes you a good fit for temp work, be sure to assess your traits honestly. If you don’t fit the bill, you may end up being very unhappy if hired. For example, don’t say you are very outgoing if you aren’t and don’t say you’re a quick learner if it takes you a long time to understand how to do new tasks.

That being said, focus on what you can do for the employer. A response such as, “A temp job is a good fit for me because I need any income I can get right now” shows the employer that you don’t care much about the job or the company, and that’s not going to make a good impression.

Explain why you’re a good fit for the job in a way that shows you want to do temp work for the organization, such as "I'm excited about this opportunity to help out and learn more about your type of business as I think through my career goals." Your positive attitude will help the interviewer see that the company will benefit from hiring you.

Examples of the Best Answers

When asked why you are willing to work a temporary position, consider answers such as the following:

I think that a temporary position is exactly what I need right now. I am just returning to the workplace, and I am looking forward to a temporary position to help me decide where to focus my future career.
A temporary job is a perfect fit for me at this time. Since my husband's job necessitates moving often, working temp jobs allows me to keep current in my career, without the commitment of a permanent position. Also, because of my experience in temp jobs, I have become a very quick learner and can pick up on new procedures almost immediately.
I look forward to temp work because I enjoy working with many different people and experiencing the work culture in different offices. I am very flexible and quickly adjust to different office environments.

Rehearse Your Answers

The question of whether a temp job is a good fit for you is just one type of question you’ll be asked when you interview for a temporary job. To be properly prepared, you may wish to review more interview questions and answers for temporary jobs.

Take some time to practice answering interview questions, and if possible, ask a friend or family member to pose as an interviewer so you can role-play. Practicing helps you work out any kinks in the wording of your answers, and will help you feel much more comfortable during the actual interview.