Interview Questions About Trends in Your Profession

Be prepared to discuss trending topics in your career field during job interviews.
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Most employers are looking to hire employees who are forward thinking and in tune with trends impacting their profession. They are going to expect you to know about trending topics in your profession and/or career field.

How to Answer Interview Questions About Trends in Your Profession

You should be able to show the interviewer that you’re on top of what’s new and noteworthy. So, you should regularly spend time researching the latest trends in your field to make sure you acquire the knowledge and skills to keep pace with change.

When you are in job search mode, it is especially important to have a handle on trends and to be prepared to comfortably discuss your views about the factors influencing the evolution of your profession.

Best Answers

Reach out to thought leaders for your field within your network and get their take on the most significant trends. Follow stars in your field through their blogs, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds, and Google+ pages.

You can then say things like "I enjoy conversing with fellow professionals and the buzz recently has focused on the importance of maintaining adequate loan reserves at this point in the economic cycle" or "I follow John Brown, Jane Smith and Bob Meyers on Twitter and they all have touted the urgency of reducing expenses by outsourcing programming to lower cost countries.

You can read journals and periodicals in your field in order to reference some key trends. The more specific your reference, the better, so it will help if you can say things like "I recently read an article in the Journal of Marketing underscoring the importance of tapping the social media to more effectively target market segments."

Another way to stay in touch with trends is to review the lists of workshops and seminars offered by professional organizations in your field. Ideally, you will attend sessions covering some compelling trends and then you will be able to say things like "There were three or four sessions devoted to Search Engine Marketing strategies at this year's annual conference for the Web Marketing Association, I was able to attend two workshops and learned..."

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