Interview with Manager of Amway

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Kevin Douglas, PHR, Manager of College Talent and Candidate Experience, answers several questions about internships with Amway. Amway runs on a low-cost, low-risk owner Compensation plan whereby participants sell Amway products to their individual roster of customers.

What does Amway look for in an intern?

Amway looks for individuals who have a well-rounded background, are involved in student organizations, someone who respects different ideas and cultures, a person that has the ability to work in a team environment, and individuals who are more interested in results that benefit the company rather than themselves.

What types of internships does Amway offer students?

The main groups are R & D (which includes chemical eng, mech eng, biology, chemistry), IT, supply chain, finance, HR, communications, and general business. Each intern is given a mentor and a specific project to work on over a 12 week period. Each assignment consists of a "real world" project as opposed to something just made up to fill the intern's time.

Do you offer any benefits to interns?

No. However, interns are allowed to join our on-site fitness center for $8 per month and they can also buy products at our company store at a discount.

Are Amway internships paid?

Yes.... the hourly rate ranges from $14 - $21. The rate is higher for someone interning from an MBA program.

What knowledge and skills would an intern gain from an internship with Amway?

Students work on real-world projects and they learn how to communicate and interact in a professional business environment. Interns are also given the opportunity to make important decisions and have the chance to work with individuals from a variety of different cultures.

Does Amway hire interns to become future full-time employees?

Yes, our goal is to convert a percentage of our interns to full-time employees. Last year we converted 33 interns to full-time employees within the company.

What kind of experience might a college student expect with Amway?

The interns are treated like full-time employees in that they are invited to staff meetings and encouraged to offer suggestions and ideas, the project is real.... and if they were not working on it, a full-time employee would be. Each intern is matched with a mentor and offered membership to Toastmasters speech club. Interns meet with a different executive every other week which exposes them to different perspectives in doing the work. Amway also holds a reverse career fair where interns meet managers from various parts of the organization to discuss their individual skill sets and the kind of work they hope to do.

When are internships offered and in what location?

We start recruiting for the spring internships in the fall at various career fairs around the country. All the internship opportunities are posted on Amway also offers co-ops that run year round.