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How to Reject Your Job Applicants Kindly When Not Selected for an Interview

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How are you treating the people who apply for your open positions? Job applicants I’ve interviewed tell me that it takes up to an hour to customize a cover letter and apply for a job. Increasingly, the process also includes completing an online application which in earlier days was not filled out until a potential employee arrived for an interview.

This time invested in a potential employer is significant – and discouraging.

It is discouraging because, in many cases, the application is not acknowledged. More significantly, the applicant never hears that he or she was not selected for an interview. The rejection letter never comes and so the applicant waits, wishes, and hopes.

This is exacerbated by the fact that some employers wait until a job is filled before notifying applicants, a process that can take weeks, or even, months. They may put a job on hold, decide not to fill it, or postpone the interview process for more important priorities. But, the applicant hears nothing and spends additional time in more follow-up especially for a desirable job.

It is much kinder to let the applicant know that he or she is not a candidate who will be considered further. Here is a sample letter which will help employers communicate with applicants who were not selected for an interview.

Job Applicant Rejection Letter


Name of Applicant

Applicant's Address

Dear (Applicant Name):

We received many applications for the position of quality analyst. We reviewed your application and decided not to invite you in for an interview with the hiring team.

We appreciate the time and energy that go into submitting a resume, cover letter, and application.

Thank you for investing the time to apply to Clark Services.

Please apply for open positions, for which you qualify, in our company in the future.

We wish you success in your job search and in your future endeavors. We appreciate your interest in our organization.


Real Person's Name and Signature

Example: HR Director for the Employee Selection Team

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