Job Interview Invitation Letter Examples

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After all of your hard work in applying for a job, how will you find out if the company is interested in interviewing you? The answer: keep a close eye on your email for a job interview invitation letter.

It often happens that, while a company may acknowledge their original receipt of your job application (if you’re lucky), they will only contact you again if they are serious about inviting you to a phone or in-person interview.

If you’ve successfully caught their attention with your initial cover letter and resume, the hiring manager will typically reach out through email to set up an interview time. Sometimes the company will specify an exact time. More often, though, the person emailing will suggest a few potential times, or ask for the applicant to share what times are convenient for them to meet. 

Here is an example of an interview invitation letter specifying a date and time for the applicant to interview, as well an example of an invitation requesting that the applicant select an interview slot online.

Invitation to Interview With a Date and Time

This is a job interview invitation letter example. Download the job interview invitation letter template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for more examples.

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This job interview invitation informs the applicant that a job interview has been scheduled.

Invitation to Interview With a Date and Time (Text Version)

Subject: Invitation to Interview

Dear Jane Applicant,

Thank you for applying for the position of office administrator with ABC Company in Minneapolis, MN.

We would like to invite you to come to our office to interview for the position. Your interview has been scheduled for May 1, 20XX, 1 pm, at 123 Main Street, Minneapolis, MN 55199.

Please call me at 651-555-6666 or email me at if you have any questions or need to reschedule.


John Smith


John Smith
Regional Manager
ABC Company
123 Main Street, Minneapolis, MN 55199

The following is an example of a letter stating the job applicant has been selected for an interview. In this case, the candidate is advised to go online to schedule the interview.

Invitation to Select an Interview Date (Text Version)

Subject: Invitation to Schedule an Interview

Dear Mark Donato,

Thank you for submitting an online application for the position of shift manager at French Bread Deli in Springfield, MA. We have looked over your application and would like to invite you to interview with our company as soon as possible.

Please visit the "Jobs" page on our website, Click on "Schedule Interview" in the top left corner of the page to schedule an interview in the upcoming weeks. You will be prompted for a password – type in “Mai Oui.” You will be then taken to our scheduling page, where you can select and reserve an interview time. These slots fill quickly, so we recommend that you schedule as soon as possible to receive your preferred time.

If you have any difficulties scheduling an interview, feel free to email me at


Madeline Taylor


Madeline Taylor

French Bread Deli
100 Main Street
Springfield, MA, 01106

How to Respond to the Email Invitation for an Interview

Once you've received this invitation, what should you do next? Start by giving yourself a moment to celebrate your accomplishment! Many jobs have tons of applicants, so it's a big deal to make it to the interview stage. 

Once you've spent some time feeling proud of yourself, respond to the email.

Aim to respond promptly — ideally, you will send your email response the same day that you receive the invitation to demonstrate your enthusiasm to be interviewed.

Confirm if you can make the interview time mentioned in the email.

If you can't attend an interview at the suggested time or date, simply state that the time doesn't work for you, and offer some alternatives. (There’s no need to go into detail about why you can't make the original time.) In your note, aim to match the tone of the person who emailed you about the interview; as a general rule, it's preferable to be formal rather than casual, using an appropriate business letter salutation and a conservative tone.

Remember to be polite, and mention that you're looking forward to the opportunity to meet them and learn more about their organization. 

Now that the interview is scheduled, it's time to prepare for the interview