Job Loss and Resignations

Losing your job is both stressful and difficult. Follow these tips to regain the balance in your life and deal emotionally and practically with important issues like health insurance and unemployment insurance.
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Filing for Unemployment Online
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10 Jobs That Are Booming Right Now
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Where Long-Term Unemployed Job Seekers Can Get Help
Tips for Looking for a New Job While You’re Furloughed
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Cop With Your Job Loss and Move On
Terminating an Employee? Payroll Issues
If Any of These Reasons Apply to You, It's a Sign to Quit Your Job
Know when it is time for you to leave your HR employment.
10 Tips Help You Know When It's Time to Quit Your HR Employment
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How to Tell Your Boss That You're Resigning
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Herer Are Tips on What You Should Do When You Suddenly Lose Your Job
It's time to quit when a job saps your spirit and steals your soul.
Want 5 Signs That It's Time to Quit Your Job?
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Why Do You Keep Getting Fired?
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Is It Time to Quit Your Job?
When you're thinking about getting fired or laid off, a certain pensiveness occurs.
How to Know and What to Do If an Employment Termination Looms
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5 Things You Should Never Do When Leaving a Job
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Do You Need a Job Change or Is a Whole New Career in Order?
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Layoff Survivor Syndrome: Employees Can Feel Guilt, Loss, and Fear
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Don't Quit Your Job Without Trying These Fixes
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Use These Sample Letters to Resign for a New Job in a Management Role