Serious Job Perks that Can Boost Your Career

Part 2 of sweet working mom perks to hunt for in your next job search

Career advancement and job perks

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Welcome back to a review on some of the best perks companies can offer working moms

My previous post was about superb benefits like fully paid maternity leave and childcare support as well as parental support. 

This article will cover some serious advancement programs that are offered by some of the best places for working moms to work. We know that we can't do it all by ourselves so when companies offer serious job perks like the following jump at the opportunity! We can all use the extra help, especially working moms who are juggling so much.

Let’s check them out.

Mentoring Programs

A mentor is someone who has been around the block within a company. They really know the in’s and out’s of their company and has a successful track record in their field of expertise. These types of people seek to share their knowledge with others by being a mentor. 

They want to help others succeed so they or upper management starts a program where a mentor can be matched up with a more junior employee (the mentoree). The objective is to give the mentee a step up by teaching them new skill sets or exposing them to new opportunities to use their strengths. 

Think of a mentor as a tutor. 

The shortcuts they can show you can help you ace your career. A working mom's lifestyle improves with shortcuts so in your next job search look for this perk to get ahead of the class and in life.

Career Counseling

When I became a working mom seven years ago I realized I hated my career path. This kind of situation would have been perfect for career counseling (instead my company hired a coach, which is how I became a working mom coach). 

First, a career counselor can take a look at where I’ve been, what projects I’ve worked on and determine my strengths. Next, we could brainstorm on what I’d like to start working on which could lead me to a new career path. 

Performing this kind of work at home is an energy zapper. Looking for a new job or career can be a full-time job and as a working mom, we have enough work to do. 

When a company offers this perk they are more likely to keep their employees which saves everyone money, time and energy. 

Cross-Training to Develop Skills Not Directly Related to Your Job

So let’s say that a career counselor helps you find a new career path. How fantastic would it be if your company gave you time out of your work week to train in a new department to learn new skills? 

This kind of experience would be incredible! If you apply for a job in this new department youð already have the skills to do the job. Most likely you won’t leave the company (this makes the company happy) and you get to start a new career or job. Or maybe this new skill will bring a fresh perspective on things in your current job and your skill sets. 

It’s a win-win for everyone with no extra time, money, or energy spent outside of normal working hours on training.

Looking out for Your Self-Care During Off-Hours

Some of the best places to work are interested in how to protect your downtimes such as creating policies or offering guidance on off-hours use of work-issued smartphones and laptops. It is the company’s equipment so they’re taking charge about how to use them.

Other companies have set policies about email-free weekends. The company wants workers to refrain from sending non-critical business messages from 8 p.m. Friday until 6 p.m. Sunday. It is suggested that if an email has to be set use a delay-send mode so the email goes out the next business day. This is great because the person who wants to send the email can write down what they are thinking so they don’t forget it but they follow the policy with the delay-send.

These kinds of companies understand the value in caring for your family as well as your own self-care. When you feel rested from the daily grind the company knows you’ll come back fresh on Monday and ready to work.