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Job Rejection Letters Make Good Business and Professional Sense

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Following a job interview, all but one candidate must receive a job rejection letter. Sooner is better to send a job rejection letter to help your job applicants get on with their job search. There is no worse experience for a job candidate than to experience ghosting by an employer.

Ghosting is the unfortunate and unprofessional situation in which the employer fails to correspond appropriately with their job candidates. Failure to correspond properly with your job candidates at each important step of the hiring process, but especially following an onsite job interview, is unprofessional, disrespectful, and unkind.

Sending a rejection letter in a timely manner marks you as an employer of choice, too. Here are two sample job rejection letters that employers can send to candidates who were rejected following the job interview.

The following is a sample job rejection letter for a candidate who you hope will not apply again. He or she did not appear to fit your company work culture.

Job Rejection Letter Sample


Name of Candidate


City, State, Zip Code

Dear (Candidate Name):

Thank you for coming in to interview for the position of accounting clerk with Draper, Inc. As you know, we interviewed a number of candidates. This letter is to let you know that you have not been selected for the position.

Thank you for taking the time to come to Draper, Inc. to meet our interview team. The team appreciates that you interviewed for the accounting clerk position.

We wish you success with your ongoing job search. Thank you for your interest in our company.

Best wishes,

Real Person's Name and Signature

Example: HR Director for the Employee Selection Team

Second Job Rejection Letter Sample

This sample job candidate rejection letter is for a candidate you might consider hiring in the future for a different job or when they have more experience in the area covered by the current opening.


Name of Candidate


City, State, Zip Code

Dear (Candidate Name):

This letter is to inform you that we have selected another candidate for our current job opening.

The interview committee wants you to know that it was a pleasure to meet you. We do hope that you will consider applying to our company again in the future for another role for which you might qualify.

Thank you for taking the time to come in to meet all of us at your job interview. We appreciate that interviewing is time and energy consuming. That is why we wanted to let you know that you were not selected for the current position as expeditiously as possible so you can continue your job search.

Again, thank you for your interest in our company. We hope to hear from you in the future.


Helen Smith

On Behalf of the Employee Selection Tea

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