Job Search Glossary

Use this glossary of common employment terms and definitions to get an edge on your job search.
A reference letter template provides a guide for you to follow when you write a reference letter
What Is a Character Reference?
Giving two weeks notice
What is Two Weeks' Notice?
Image shows a woman sitting on a stack of books in front of a desk, beside her is a plant and a garbage bin. Text reads: "Steps to take before using 'to whom it may concern' on a cover letter: Look on the company website, perform a linkedin search, ask a friend or colleague, check job listing for hiring manager or employer name, call the office and explain that you are applying for a job and would like to know the name of the hiring manager"
Tips for Using the Salutation "To Whom It May Concern"
Woman wearing a hard hat, safety gear and a tool belt working with rebar.
What Is a Skill Set?
Tips for Writing Your Letter of Intent
How To Write a Letter of Intent for a Job With Examples
meeting in elevator
When and How to Use an Elevator Pitch
career words
What Keywords Should You Use in Your Job Search?
Businessman signing contract
Documents You May Need to Submit With a Job Application
Woman sitting at a desk looking at a notebook
What Is Back Pay?
Business people discussing paperwork
Tactics to Handle a Stress Interview
People working in an office
What Is Company Culture?
Illustration of screening interview tips found in article.
What Is a Screening Interview?
Team working in office
Learn the Difference Between an Exempt and a Non-Exempt Employee
Shop assistant showing flatscreen TVs to young couple
Advantages and Disadvantages of Commission Pay
Man using a calculator to figure out his take home pay amount.
Tips for Calculating Your Take-Home Pay
Young woman working on desktop computer
The Differences Between Employed vs. Self-Employed
Woman working on schedule on a computer
What Is an Employee Work Schedule?
Many working at computer and talking on phone
What Is Telecommuting?
Fired employee with a box of his personal items
What Is a Dislocated Worker?
Check Remote Deposit Capture at Cafe
Free Calculators to Figure Out Your Salary and Paycheck
Non-compete agreement
What Is a Noncompete Agreement?
Businessman sitting at desk using laptop
How to Write Cold Contact Cover Letters With Examples
description of salaried employees
What Is a Salaried Employee?
Man and woman seated in a room with a table during a job interview.
Structured Job Interviews and How Employers Use Them
What to know about C-level jobs
What Are C-Level Corporate Jobs?
Close-Up Of Alarm Clock With Coins On Wooden Table
An Overview of Compensatory Time
Businesswoman reading a letter at office
How to Write a Counteroffer Letter (With Examples)
A man fills out a form while working in an office.
What Is an I-9 Form?
Group of professionals leaving office after a layoff
What Is Downsizing?
Florist working at laptop in flower shop
What Is an Hourly Employee?
Trading business cards
What Is the Hidden Job Market?
Signing a legal document
How to Read an Employee Confidentiality Agreement
Managers reviewing online job applications
What Is an Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)?
Young woman with curly hair is looking at a letter of recommendation on her laptop.
What Is a Letter of Recommendation?
Group of people talking
How a Job Club Can Help You Get Hired
Two Female Friends Sitting At Table In Coffee Shop Being Served By Waitress
What Is Minimum Wage for Employees Who Receive Tips?
Black woman smiling and shaking hands during job interview.
What Is an Employment Credit Check?
female superior scolding a male coworker in a conference room
What is a Hostile Work Environment and How Do You Handle It?
Businessmen reviewing a contract
What Is an Employment Contract?
An apprentice carpenter with his teacher
How Are Apprenticeship Programs Different From Internships?
Human resources manager discussing paperwork with new employee
What is Job Poaching?
Woman looking concerned while paying bills from home
Learn About the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
Mature woman showing intern graphics on screen
What Is Job Shadowing?
Woman in medical gloves working on computer
What Is Hazard Pay?