Job Specification Sample: Marketing Manager

Here's a Sample Job Specification for the Role of a Marketing Manager

The job specification for a marketing manager has a lot to do with the viability of product sales.
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The job specification for a marketing manager is a short form overview of the job description for a marketing manager. The job specification describes the knowledge, education, experience, skills, and abilities you believe are essential for any candidate who will successfully perform a particular job.

The job specification is a handy document to have created for a variety of reasons and uses. You can use the job specification in your job postings and on your website instead of posting your full job description—which face it, just like resumes and cover letters, few candidates will read.

You can email the job specification to colleagues and friends to describe a specific job opening in your organization—the job specification is easier on their time use, too.

The job specification helps your job candidates analyze whether they are eligible to apply for a particular job in your organization—or not. It also helps you select the most appropriate candidate for a particular job.

In this sample job specification, the role of the manager of the marketing department is clearly defined. You will find that this sample also provides specific ideas about a job specification for any management role in your organization.

Job Specification for a Marketing Manager

The marketing manager is responsible for the overall management of the marketing department. The following requirements (job specifications) were determined by job analysis and derived from the job description as crucial for success in the marketing manager role.

The successful candidate for the marketing manager position will possess these qualifications.

Experience: Marketing Manager:

  • 10 years of progressively more responsible positions in marketing, preferably in a similar industry in two different firms.
  • Experience supervising and managing a professional marketing staff of seven.

Education: Marketing Manager:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Marketing or a related field required.
  • Masters in Business or Marketing preferred.

Required Skills, Knowledge, and Characteristics: Marketing Manager

These are the most important qualifications of the individual selected as the marketing manager.

  • Strong effective communicator.
  • Highly developed, demonstrated teamwork skills.
  • Ability to coordinate the efforts of a large team of diverse creative employees.
  • Demonstrated ability to increase productivity and continuously improve methods, approaches, and departmental contribution. Commitment to continuous learning.
  • Expert in the internet and social media strategy with a demonstrated track record on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets that are significant in company outreach.
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in holding conversations with customers, customer evangelism, and customer-focused product development and outreach.
  • Demonstrated ability to see the big picture and provide useful advice and input across the company.
  • Ability to lead in an environment of constant change.
  • Experience working in a flexible, employee empowering work environment in a small to a medium-sized company without marketing staff on the same level. Structured, departmentalized or large company experience will not work here.
  • Familiarity and skill with the tools of the trade in marketing including PR, written communication, website development, market research, product packaging, Microsoft software suite of products, visual communication software products, and creative services.
  • Experienced in advising product teams about potential markets, desirable product features, go-to-market best practices, and measuring the success of outreach and product sales.
  • Experience managing external PR and communication consulting firms and contractors. 
  • Experience in the global marketplace is a plus. Managing global marketing teams or agencies is a plus.

High-Level Overview of Job Requirements: Marketing Manager:

The selected marketing manager must be able to perform effectively in each of these areas:

  • Researching and evaluating new product opportunities, demand for potential products, and customer needs and insights.
  • Overall marketing strategy and execution of plans for the existing products.
  • Serve as a partner to finance and product development in determining the viability of potential markets before the production of a product with no business case or strategy prepared in advance.
  • Working with product development teams to manage new product development.
  • Managing launch campaigns for new products.
  • Managing distribution channels for products.
  • Ensuring effective, branded marketing communications including the company website, print communication, and advertising.
  • Managing media and marketing staff and external PR agencies.
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of all marketing efforts including their contribution to the effectiveness of sales campaigns.

The marketing manager position is expected to contribute a great deal to the effectiveness of the company in identifying products and markets, suggesting sales strategies and approaches, and in measuring the results of all of the efforts. It is also responsible for all efforts of the marketing department and staff.