Kickstart Your Social Media Campaign

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Courtney Keating/Getty Images

You've been dragging your feet about joining social media because you've just been waiting for the buzz to fizzle. Or maybe you have all of your social media accounts set up but you've been neglecting them because of your many other day-to-day tasks. Now's the time to kickstart your social media campaign to strengthen your brand and begin building a loyal following.

Hire a Social Media Manager

Making your social media campaign pay off will take more than publishing a few tweets and Facebook updates. Are you aware of the hottest social media topic right now? What's the top hashtag and how can you use it to expose your brand to millions? Can you publish your tweets and Facebook posts 24/7, especially when your analytics show most people are viewing your social media accounts?

That's where a social media manager can step in and take the reins. There are many reasons you should hire a social media specialist and these are just a few. If you're serious about making a return on your social media efforts, you need a professional social media manager who has a proven track record of getting results.

Use All Social Media Platforms

Many companies make the mistake of skipping one or more social media platforms in their social media campaign. They may sign up for Twitter and nothing else or concentrate on Instagram and Facebook.

Do you really want to miss out on millions of potential followers by ignoring any social media platform? Make sure you're signed up for every social media platform, including Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. Actively post to all of your social media accounts. No exceptions.

Own Your Hashtag

It wasn't that long ago people were asking, "What is a hashtag?" Now, people are using the word "hashtag" in everyday conversations.

Own your hashtag. Develop a hashtag that's unique to your brand and use it ... on everything. Feature your hashtag on your website, corporate blog, on-air if you're a TV or radio station, in print if you're a magazine or newspaper. Your hashtag can help boost your brand and become as identifiable with your media brand as your logo.

Promote Your Social Media Accounts Offline

It's easy to get so wrapped up in online promotion of your social media accounts that you miss one of the most effective ways to promote them: through your brand. If you're a TV or radio station, promote your social media accounts on air. If you're a newspaper or magazine, promote your social media accounts in print.

There are many great ways to use social media on air or print and you can seamlessly integrate your social media campaign directly into your broadcasts or publications. You can increase social media interaction and grow your viewership/readership as well, driving traffic both ways.

Get Your Employees On-Board

´╗┐You already have a small army ready to help build your followers. Your employees are probably using social media right now. Through their followers and fans as well as interaction with your social media accounts, they can raise awareness of your brand while directly driving people to you.

You should start by creating a social media policy so that your employees don't end up damaging your brand instead of building it. The last thing you want is an employee sharing pictures of his Friday night beer bash and adding your company's hashtag to his posts. Your next step is to manage your employees' social media accounts by helping them creating or changing usernames so that they are consistent and promote your brand. Your call letters in their Twitter username, for example, let everyone know they're a part of your team while promoting your brand with every single tweet they write.

The more they post, the more people see your accounts and follow you too.