Laurence Bradford

Laurence Bradford is a digital entrepreneur specializing in front-end development and website content strategy. She is entirely self-taught and is dedicated to helping others acquire digital skills.

When she's not working, she's writing on her blog at, which equips and empowers those trying to adapt their skillsets to fit an increasingly technological world. 

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As a former copywriter turned front-end developer, Laurence enjoys combining her passions for writing and technology. Along with running her own website and blog on Learn to Code With Me, she has written for Mashable, SitePoint, CreativeLive, and more. 

Although Laurence loves working independently as a freelancer, she has adapted her skills to a variety of positions. She also has experience in marketing and product research analytics.

Thanks to her inexhaustible love of learning, Laurence is familiar with many online education platforms, including Coursera, Team Treehouse, and One Month, and enjoys helping others navigate the process of web-based self-study.


Laurence began teaching herself digital skills after graduating summa cum laude from Emmanuel College with degrees in history and economics. She also holds certifications in Python programming from Coursera and Ruby on Rails from One Month.