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Contemplating law school? If so, you likely have many questions. How do I get into law school? What is the curriculum? What law school is best for me? How do I prepare for law school?

The law school resources below can help you in every step of the process, from learning what law school is all about, tips to gaining law school admission, to surviving your first year, to acing law school exams and more.

Learning About Law School

Lawyer Education Overview

Lawyers undergo extensive educational training to become licensed to practice law. This article details all of the educational and testing requirements necessary to become a lawyer.

So, You Want to Become a Lawyer?

There are many myths surrounding what lawyers do and the skills required to run a successful law practice. Here are ten factors that every prospective law student should consider before choosing to become a lawyer.

Part-Time Law School Programs

If work and family obligations are preventing you from pursuing your dream of becoming a lawyer, you might look into part-time law school programs. Part-time programs allow you to work or take care of family during the day and attend school in the evening. This article outlines the advantages and disadvantages of part-time law study.

Getting Into Law School

Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

The LSAT is one of the most important tools that admissions committees use to weed out applicants. Learn all about this all-important test including an explanation of skills tested, the multiple choice and essay sections, LSAT scoring and LSAT prep classes.

Law School Admissions Factors

Admission to law school is a highly competitive process; a record number of students are competing for a limited number of spots in the nation’s law schools. Here is a list of factors that admissions committees consider when determining what applicants will be admitted to law school.

Law School Admission Tips

Getting into law school is not easy. Your GPA and LSAT score are the two most important factors in the law school admissions decision. However, learn what other factors can help sway the admissions decision in your favor.

Selecting a Law School

Selecting a law school is an important decision that should be made with care and research. But, with nearly 200 ABA-approved law schools in the nation, how do you choose the right school for you? 

Preparing for Law School

Preparing for Your First Year of Law School

Planning and preparation are essential to success in law school and law practice. These strategies can help you prepare for and survive your first year of law school.

Pre-Law Reading List

If you will be starting law school in the near future, review this list of law school resources recommended by law students, professors and attorneys. From taking the LSAT, securing financial aid and navigating your first semester to the basics of the legal system, learning to think like a lawyer, taking exams, securing a summer internship, making law review, tackling the bar and beyond...these resources explain it all.

Guide to Law School Financial Aid

Law school is an expensive endeavor. In fact, depending on your school, the costs of tuition, books, study materials, and living expenses can drive the price tag for law school into six figures. With these costs, it's not surprising that most students need financial aid for law school, which usually comes in three forms: loans, scholarships/grants, and federal college work study.

Surviving Law School

Law School Exam Tips

Performing well on law school exams is essential to success in law school. Law school exam writing is a specialized art that takes skill and practice. You will need to demonstrate both a substantive knowledge of the subject matter and superior writing skills. Here are several strategies for acing your law school exams.

Learning to “Think Like a Lawyer”

Part the law school experience is learning to "think like a lawyer," i.e., using inductive and deductive reasoning to analyze case law and extrapolate a general principle or rule of law. Learn about one student’s law school experience and how law school gave him a new perspective on the world.

Surviving Your First Year of Law School

The first year of law school, particularly the first semester of 1L, can be one of the most challenging, frustrating and rewarding times in your life. Performing well in your first year is particularly important for students trying to make law review and aiming for a job with a large, national law firm. These tips from Michelle Fabio can help you survive and excel in your first year of law school.