Economic growth and technology are changing the legal industry. Use these job profiles to explore different legal career opportunities and learn about job duties, education, skills, salaries, and career resources that you will need to succeed.
Man talking to female receptionist
Top Things You Should Know About Legal Receptionists
Judges desk in court room
What Are the Lowest Paid Legal Jobs?
Smiling senior female executive at lunch meeting
Career Advice for People Over 40
Accused criminal and lawyer in a courtroom in front of judge
Public Interest Law Career Skills and Characteristics
Young woman courier by a delivery car, carrying parcels.
What Is a Court Messenger or Courier?
A day in the life of a judge
Judge Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More
Business handshake
How to Find a Lawyer - Tips on Hiring a Good One
Court messenger
6 Options for Entry Level Legal Jobs
Clerk handing a file to someone in the courthouse
Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Court Clerk?
A day in the life of a legal secretary: Type legal documents, create and populate spreadsheets, work on scheduling, prepare correspondence to various parties
Legal Secretary Career Profile
Lawyers reviewing legal documents and ediscovery documents during a litigation process
What Is the Legal Document Review Process?
A day in the life of a FBI agent
FBI Agent Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More
A day in the life of a mediator: Administer the process known as "Alternative Dispute Resolution;" Mediators educate clients and guide them through the ADR process; Many mediators used to work as lawyers or judges, but you can also get a degree in mediation; Mediation can be a traditional 9-5 job or it can be flexible and part-time
Mediator Job Description: Salary, Skills & More
A day in the life of a law clerk: Speak with various court staff to understand and clarify information, Research the relevant legal materials and information to aid in making decisions
Law Clerk Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More
Lawyer flipping through papers
Here Is a Look at the Advantages and Benefits of Public Service Work
Image shows a judge and a bailiff in a courtroom. Text reads: "A day in the life of a bailiff: administer oaths to witnesses and jurors, transport prisoners to and from the courtroom, close court, maintain supplies for use during court"
Bailiff Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More
Lawyer and paralegal
Learn What Skills You Need to Succeed as a Personal Injury Paralegal
A day in the life of a U.S. marshal: Apprehend fugitives, protect federal witnesses, manage and sell assets, serve court documents, protect members of the federal judiciary, transport and manage prisoners
U.S. Marshal Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More
Smiling lawyers shaking hands on stairs
Here Are Some Helpful Tips on How to Get a BigLaw Job
A day in the life of a fish and game warden: Investigating wildlife crimes, Tracking and investigating poachers, Ensuring public safety concerning wildlife in populated areas, Compiling biological data
Fish and Game Warden Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More
Business people listening in meeting
What It's Really Like in a Private Industry Legal Practice Environment
A Day in the Life of a Deputy Court Clerk
Deputy Court Clerk Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More
Female medical malpractice lawyer meeting with clients.
What Is a Medical Malpractice Lawyer?
A day in the life of a file clerk: Develop and maintain organized file systems; prepare records for off-site storage; file and retrieve documents for other personnel
File Clerk Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More
Day in the Life of a Mailroom Clerk
Mailroom Clerk Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More
A woman interviewing people
Best Online Court Reporting Schools of 2022
Image shows a woman at a desk working on a desk. Text reads: "A day in the life of a document reviewer: decide if the documents should be given to opposing parties; examine for key factors; summarize and highlight; create privilege and redaction logs"
Document Reviewer Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More
Legal writer preparing notes
Career Options in the Legal Writing and Editing Industry?
Female lawyer pointing at an exhibit in front of a judge and a victim
What a Personal Injury Lawyer Does
Librarian and lawyers in law library
Law Librarian: Jobs and Career Overview
This illustration describes a day in the life of a jury consultant including "Research jurors' backgrounds," "May conduct focus groups and mock trials," "Assist with the jury selection and voir dire-the questioning of prospective jurors," and "Create juror profiles."
Jury Consultant Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More
transcriptionist typing on laptop
Learn What It Takes to Become a Legal Transcriptionist
Law Librarian sitting at her desk
What You Should Know About Law Librarian Job Duties
Older woman in office working on document review.
Document Reviewer Skills and Essential Traits
Smiling lawyers shaking hands in front of stairs at a courthouse
What Exactly Does A Workers' Compensation Attorney Do?
Judge Talking to the Court Clerk
Career Overview: Chief Court Clerk
Female lawyer working late at a laptop in an urban office
What Is an E-Discovery Professional?
Woman working in a litigation support office
What Is a Litigation Support Professional?