Job Search Strategies & Resources

If you're looking for work in the legal industry, these job search strategies and resources will help you land the job of your dreams.
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Resume Template for Students and Recent Graduates
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Here Is a Look at How Much it Does Matter Which Law School You Attend
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Great Alternative Jobs in the Legal Sector
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How to Get a BigLaw Job: Mastering the Summer Associate Interview
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What to Wear to Your Legal Job Interview
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Ways to Gain Work Experience in the Legal Field
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5 Tips for Unemployed Law Grads
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Work Smarter: Steps to a More Productive Workday
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Questions to Ask Legal Employers
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Focusing on School Grades or Work Experience When Becoming a Lawyer
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Here Is What Job Seekers Over 40 Need to Know When Job Hunting
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Common Questions Asked During Law Job Interviews
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Tips on Writing a Resume for an Older Person
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Here's What to Know to Create a Winning Legal Resume
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Here Is a List of Mistakes to Avoid When Crafting a Legal Resume
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Tips for Writing Blog Posts That Include Legal Advice
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These Job Search Tips Will Help Workers Over 40
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8 Ways to Jump Start a Legal Career
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Sample Resume for a Litigation Paralegal