Must-Read Legal Websites for Attorneys

Get the most out of online resources available to you

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Being an attorney doesn’t mean should be stuck reading briefs and journal articles each and every day. There are so many great online publications and blogs that have so much rich content that range from timely law topics to career tips, to the common struggles of a lawyer. Not only can these websites provide great resources, but also the articles can often help you feel more rejuvenated and enthusiastic about the law.

Here Are Seven Websites We Recommend You Bookmark

  1. Above the Law: This website publishes new content on a daily (even hourly basis). Article topics tend to focus on the following areas: BigLaw, small law firms, legal technology, legal marketing, in-house counsel, law school, and government issues. You can always count on Above the Law to offer a thoughtful (and sometimes even humorous) look at current events. For example, there has not been a shortage of articles about the recent Supreme Court decisions. Above the Law also has a great Career Center on the website, which includes job postings from throughout the country and advice for job seekers.
  2. JD SupraThis website syndicates content from publications to blogs on a multitude of law and business topics. JD Supra readers include in-house counsel, business leaders, reporters, and editors. The ability to search the site by topic area is very helpful, especially if you are researching a specific field such as same-sex marriage or patents. The “Trending” feature at the top of the website lets you read the most popular and topical articles being circulated and read.
  3. ABA Journal: Perhaps the standard for lawyers and legal professionals, ABA Journal includes articles and blog posts about current issues and the latest in legal news. If reading articles and blog posts don’t always fit into your daily schedule, check out the ABA Journal podcasts that are interesting and can be listened to on the go. A recent podcast featured the topic of how lawyers can maximize relaxation while on vacation.
  4. This legal website provides job listings for a wide range of legal professionals. It also maintains a comprehensive set of legal resources for law students and legal professionals including case law and legal news.
  5. Trebuchet Legal: This site focuses on what happens after you attend law school and pass the bar exam. Created by the founders of The Girl’s Guide to Law School, Law School Toolbox and Bar Exam Toolbox, Trebuchet provides career-related advice to law students and attorneys. Articles range from how to start your own virtual law office to marketing yourself as an attorney.
  6. If you’re on the search for a new job or legal career, you’ll want to bookmark this site. lists legal job openings, classifieds and nationwide ads for lawyers, paralegals, and legal support staff. The Career Center includes career profiles, salary information, and career advice. It’s a great resource if you’re in the market for changing jobs or careers.
  7. JD Careers Out There: If you just finished law school and still aren’t sure what type of legal career you want, this is the website for you. Founder Marc Luber has two goals with his site: to help you find a career you’ll love, and help you be successful at that career. Be sure to check out Marc’s video interviews in which he talks about what you can do with a law degree and how to break in and find a job.