Letter Asking to Work From Home Due to Relocation

Strategies to Make Your Case

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"Working from home" used to be synonymous with sleeping in, doing errands, and working in your pajamas, and employers only allowed it in case of emergency. That was the dark ages; today with all the live communication that technology enables, you can be just as productive and on-call at home as you would be on site. Here are some points to bring up with your supervisor to convince your company to allow you to work from home after relocation.

Modern Motives 

There are many uniquely modern reasons for wanting to work from home in addition to relocation. Working from home will reduce your employer's concern about absenteeism and inefficiency which affects their bottom line. To seal the deal, ask for a trial period. A reasonable boss likely won't argue with that, especially when the cost of recruiting and training someone to fill your role will be far higher.

Technology Lets Everyone Win

Everyone is available around the clock anyway with smartphones, meeting technology, virtual office software, and other remote options; the days of being changed to your desk, let alone your office, are over. While employees benefit from the flexibility of working from home with a better work-life balance, the advantages for companies that allow employees to do so outweigh the costs. Back in 2009, President Barack Obama saw the value of telecommuting and worked to expand the possibility for federal employees.

Higher Productivity

Telecommuting workers are actually more productive than their colleagues confined to an office, plus they report more job satisfaction. In 2015, 37 percent of U.S. workers say they have telecommuted, up slightly from 30 percent last decade and four times than the number of people who did so in 1995, according to a Gallup poll.

Letter Asking to Work From Home Because of Relocation

Here's a sample letter to send to your supervisor requesting a meeting to discuss working remotely due to relocation.

Dear Henry,

As you know, my wife is going to be relocating to Denver in a few months. I would very much like the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the possibility of my continuing to work for you remotely, once our move is complete.

After our move, I would be available to travel to the office when necessary and would be willing to maintain very close contact on the projects underway and moving forward.

I believe that my interest and experience will continue to be an asset to the company, and would appreciate the opportunity to continue to work with this fine team.

Thank you for your consideration and I'm looking forward to discussing this possibility in person.

Best regards,


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