Letters and Emails

Your job application is a step-by-step process, and well-written materials can be a difference-maker at each step in the process. Learn to write effective letters and emails, including cover letters, resignation letters, job offer letters, and more.
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Send a Note for a Job Well Done
Image shows a bird's-eye-view of a desk with a pair of glasses a cup of coffee, and a stack of papers. Text reads: "Tips for writing an appreciation letter: write the letter as soon as possible; clearly explain why you're writing the letter; keep the letter short and focused; be sincere; proofread; send as a business letter, thank-you note, or email"
Appreciation Letter Examples and Writing Tips
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Resignation Letter Samples for Personal Reasons
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Use These Basic Resignation Letters to Quit Your Job
Image shows a computer with an email on the screen addressed to "BOSS" with "HR" CC'd. Text reads: "Writing tips for resignation emails: Email your boss and cc HR, keep the letter brief, ask questions about compensation or benefits, give your two weeks' notice"
How to Properly Resign by Email
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Here's a List of the Different Types of Letters and What to Include
image shows a pair of hands writing on two pieces of paper. Title reads: "How to start a professional letter." The first piece of paper is smooth and says "Greeting exampls: dear john doe, dear mr. doe, dear mr. john doe, dear hiring manager" The second piece of paper is crumpled up. It says "Avoid these informal greetings: hello, greetings, hi there, good morning"
The Best Way to Start a Letter With Examples
Email Greetings
Email Greeting Examples and Writing Tips
This illustration features a handful of tips for sending an email to quit a job including "Send the email to your supervisor," "'CC' the Human Resources department & 'BCC' your personal email," "Use the subject line 'Resignation - Your Name," "Keep the email polite and brief," and "Include your personal phone number & email address"
What to Write When You Have to Quit Your Job via Email
How to decline a job offer
How To Decline a Job Offer
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Example of a Letter Asking for Raise
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Thank-You Note Example for Sending After a Job Interview
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Resignation Letter With Advance Notice Example
Resignation Subject Lines
Best Subject Lines for Resignation Emails
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Candidate Job Rejection Letter and Email Examples
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Use This Sample Letter to Withdraw a Job Application
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Interview Invitation Email and Response Examples
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Leaving Your Job? Say Goodbye With These Sample Email Messages
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Send a Congratulations Email Message Example for a New Job
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Tips on Sending a Congratulations Emails for a Job Well Done
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How To Congratulate A Team Member Over Email
This illustration shows who deserves an appreciation note including "Employees who have made a contribution to the team," "Someone who has taken on additional responsibilities," "A client or vendor who has made your life easier," and "Anyone who's made your life better."
When to Send Appreciation Emails at Work
This illustration is about tips for writing a letter to apologize for tardiness at work, including saying sorry, acknowledging the consequences, accepting responsibility, explaining what caused it, promising that it won't happen again, showing you regret it, and offering to help correct the situation.
Apology Letter for Being Late to Work
What to include in a salary increase email message including "As the subject line, include a request for a meeting to discuss your compensation," "Mention additional responsibilities you've taken on in your role," "Briefly detail why you deserve a salary increase," and "Include any skills or certifications you've acquired since being hired."
What Is the Best Way to Ask for a Raise via Email?
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How to Write a Letter to Congratulate a Colleague on a New Job
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Examples of Job Offer Rejection Letter and Email Messages
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Examples and Writing Tips for Announcing a Job Promotion
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What Can You Expect at a Second Interview
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Tips For Accepting a Job Interview via Email
Declining a job interview
How to Decline a Job Interview With a Letter Sample
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Career Networking Emails and Letters
This illustration shows an example of a goodbye letter when leaving a job and includes the opening, "Dear Anna, I wanted to drop you a line personally to let you know that I'll be leaving James Associates at the end of the month. Please keep in touch."
Goodbye Letter Examples When Leaving a Job
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Reference Letter Examples
How to write a resignation letter
Sample Resignation Letter for Quitting Your Job
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Job Offer, Acceptance, and Rejection Letters for All Occasions
Remembering a missed job interview
How to Apologize to an Employer for Missing an Interview
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Here Are Some Great Tips for Writing a Job Interview Thank-You Letter
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How to Quit a Bad Job and Stay on Good Terms With Your Boss
Nurse writing a resignation letter using a laptop computer.
Nurse Resignation Letter and Email Examples
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Write an Achievement Congratulations Letter
Hand Holding Resume
Resume and Cover Letter Samples and Templates
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Free Letter Templates for Microsoft Word
Young woman writing a resignation letter on a laptop.
Use This Template to Craft a Resignation Letter
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Here Are Some Congratulations Letter Examples for a New Position
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Here Are Some Examples of Congratulations Letters for Accomplishments
Email marketing
How to Write and Send Professional Email Messages
Overhead View Of Man Giving Resignation Letter To Boss At Office
How to Resign From a Temporary Job
Sample format for a formal letter
Sample Format for Writing a Letter
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Here's an Example of a Congratulations Letter to Send for a New Business
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Email Etiquette Tips for Job Seekers
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How to Send LinkedIn Messages or Invitations
Woman signing letter
How to Accept a Job Offer With Sample Acceptance Letters
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How to Select a Professional Letter Font and Font Size
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How to End a Letter With Closing Examples
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Use This Letter If You Need to Resign During or After Maternity Leave
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Resignation Letter Samples for Teachers
Working in retail
What Should I Include in My Retail Job Resignation Letter?
tips for writing a cover letter
Top 10 Cover Letter Writing Tips
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Guidelines for Professional Letters and Emails
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Resignation Letter for Stay at Home Parent