How to Manage Stress When You Work From Home

With so many balls the air, work-at-home moms must learn to manage stress.

stress of working at home

In our fantasy world, those of us who work at home have no stress, right? What, with no commute and flexible hours managing stress should be a snap. Right? Somehow, though, it doesn't work out that way. Managing stress is a skill every work-at-home parent must master.

Ask for Help

Being home all day doesn't mean you can or should manage the home life without help.The tendency to take on too many tasks without help becomes a source of stress. If you need help balancing home and work, ask for it from your spouse, partner, relatives, friends and/or children.

Learning to delegate tasks to your kids can relieve stress for mom (though it may initially be a source of stress). Either out of habit or because it is faster, I have found myself doing simple tasks for my kids long after they are capable of them. This is especially easy to do when kids are young. But if I take the time to teach the new job (when I'm not in a hurry), I have one less job on my plate.

Schedule Wisely

For many moms, the things we feel we must do leave little time for the things we want to do. So life becomes all work and no play…very stressful. Shuttling kids to activities and sports can take over your life, so choose kids activities carefully.​

And then there are the things that may fall into either the must-do or the want-to-do category like volunteering or attending school events. These can can bring on stress as much as the things that we definitely don't want to do like cleaning.

Either way, managing stress for a work at home mom means, not only learn to delegate, but also learning to say no (sometimes to ourselves!) and keeping the family schedule under control.​

Beware of Too Much Multitasking

There's a fine line between multitasking and just being constantly distracted. Learning to deal with distractions is part of the art of multitasking. To multitask effectively stay focused on your goals. If you're not knocking things off our list, maybe you're multitasking too much.

Take Time for Yourself

These 10 tips for managing stress all focus on self-care, something that many moms are just not good at. If you need to find child care just so you can have some time to collect your thoughts, then it is well worth the money. Same goes for spa treatments and other little luxuries that remind you that you're more than a mom.