Enlisted Marine Jobs and Qualifications

Enlisted Job Descriptions and Qualification Factors for enlisted MOS's (jobs) in the United States Marine Corps.
U.S. Marine Corps Insignia
Be a Marine Corps Cyber Network Operator
Army soldier video chatting with his family on a field
Communications Is A Critical MOS Across The Marine Corps
U.S. Marines Take On Counter-Offensive In Fallujah
Job Requirements for Becoming a Marine Corps Scout Sniper
Marines Aboard Helicopter
Job Facts About Marine Corps Intelligence
A helicopter lifts a large artillery piece from the battlefield with logistics embarkation specialists looking on.
What Does a Marine Corps Logistics/Embarkation Specialist Do?
U.S. Army Conducts Operations In Kandahar Province
What Does It Take to Become a Mortarman in the Marine Corps?
K-9 unit
How To Join The Military Police In The Marine Corps
Marine in Blues
Learn What a Marine Corps Intelligence Specialist (MOS 0231) Does
Marine Corps soldiers in dress blues
Learn About Marine Supply Administration and Operations Specialists
Women Attend Marine Boot Camp At Parris Island, South Carolina
Should I Join the Marine Corps? All About Quality of Life
Marine Corps soldier with hand over their heart dressed in camouflage uniform.
Marine Corps Job: MOS 4421 Legal Services Specialist
Scientists monitoring computers in control room
A Great List of Army Job Descriptions for Military Intelligence
A military working dog sits at the feet of his dog handler.
What It Takes to Become a Marine Corps Working Dog Handler
Marine Corps
How to Get a Criminal History Waiver to Join the Military
Marines Engineer Equipment Mechanics
Job Facts About Marines Engineer Equipment Mechanics (MOS 341)
U.S. Marines Prepare for Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Attack
Want A Career In Marine Explosive Ordnance Disposal?
Marine combat engineer working with tools in the field wearing a flack jacket and helmet.
What Does A Marine Corps Combat Engineer Do?
Marine riflemen provide security for combat engineers with Engineer Company, Marine Wing Support Squadron 373, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (Forward) while engaging in a route repair mission in Combat Outpost Falcon, Iraq.
Is a Marine Corps Recon Job Right for You?
Marine recruit and drill instructor
Expand Your Career in the Marine Corps With B-Billet Designator Jobs
Fitter with ladder, pulling along high-voltage power line
What Does It Take to Become a Marine Corps Electrician?
A Marine Corps Light Armored Vehicle kicks up a cloud of dust.
Marine Corps LAV Crewman: Duties, Qualifications, and Training
Marines move through a dust cloud toward a CH-46 Sea Knight.
ASVAB Line Scores for United States Marine Corps Jobs
US Marine stands guard.
Is the Marine Corps Right for You?
Military training
Fact About Anti-Tank Missileman
USMC Radio Operator
What Does a Marine Corps Field Radio Operator (0621) Do?
Military kitchen
Job Facts About Marine Corps Food Service Specialist MOS 3381
Soldiers in command center
Marine Corps Job: MOS 5711 Defense Specialist
US Marine Corps CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter in flight
The Many Marine Corps Jobs in Aircraft Maintenance
Marine Becomes Citizen
Jobs for Non-Citizens in the Marine Corps
a splash of water
Marine Corps Water Support Technician (MOS 1171) Job Profile
Lance Corporal Duncan M. Mcdonald, a Landing Support Specialist, watching the delivery of supplies from a helicopter.
Learn the Requirements for USMC Landing Support Specialists MOS 0481
a soldier holding a weapon and looking into its scope
What it Takes to Be a Low Altitude Air Defense Gunner (LAAD) MOS 7212
Women in the Marines in uniform
Physical Fitness Considerations When Joining the Marine Corps
MCSFR Training
What Does a Marine Corps Security Force Guard (MOS 8152) Do?
U.S. Marine Corps Insignia
Get Marine Corps Field Artillery Job Description and Qualifications
Marine HUMVEE and amphib drop onto Somalia
How Do I Qualify as a Marine Auto Mechanic?
U.S. Marines with tank
The Marines Who Operate M1A1 Tanks
U.S. marine reading letter in truck cab
United States Marine Corps Motor Transport (Motor T)
An American howitzer vehicle on a battlefield will carry an artillery cannoneer.
Marine Enlisted Jobs: (MOS) 0811 Field Artillery Cannoneer
M40A3 7.62mm sniper rifle sits ready for use as U.S. Marines participate in a known distance sniper training course
How to Become a Small Arms Repairer/Technician (MOS 2111)
A Marine conducts maintenance on the tail of an UH-1N Huey helicopter.
The Different Career Options in USMC Field 63/64 Avionics
An aviation operations specialist crouches near an aircraft on the runway.
MOS 7041: The Many Duties of an Aviation Operations Specialist
Learn About Being a for Army 31k Military Dog Handler
A CH-46E Sea Knight takes off from the flight deck of USS Essex.
Marine Corps Job: MOS 6174 Helicopter Crew Chief, UH-1
Lance Cpl. Tyler Sletterink, a metal worker with Support Company, 9th Engineer Support Battalion, uses a welding torch
Marine Corps Job Profile: MOS 1316 Metal Worker, Duties, Pay, and More
U.S. Marines Continue Counterinsurgency Operations In Helmand
What Is Occupation Field 13 in the Marine Corps?
How to Become a Marine Corps Special Reaction Team (SRT) Member
U.S. Marines exit the ramp of a C-130 aircraft
How to Become a Marine Parachute Rigger
A Marine with Echo Company, Battalion Landing Team 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines, 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit, simulates engaging a potential threat as part of a mechanized raid training event during Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX), May 20. COMPTUEX is the second at-sea period during the 11th MEU's predeployment cycle, during which the MEU will conduct concurrent mission planning and execution integrated across all elements of the Marine Air Ground Task Force while supporting Amphibious Squadron 5 in their evaluated training.
Why Assignments Are Important When Joining the Marine Corps
How Do You Become a Satellite Communications Operator in the Marines?
How Do You Become a Fire Support Marine?
Marine Corps soldier trains in a 7-ton truck simulator during training as a maintenance management specialist.
Facts About Marine Corps Maintenance Management Specialists
A Marine Corps engineer equipment operator directs a tractor that is tearing down a wall.
What Does a Marine Corps Engineer Equipment Operator Do?
Marines with India Battery, the artillery attachment for Battalion Landing Team 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, fire a 120 mm towed mortar system, called the Expeditionary Fire Support System here, May 17, during Exercise Eager Lion 12. Eager Lion 12 is taking place throughout the month of May and is designed to strengthen military-to-military relationships of more than 19 participating partner nations. This is the second major exercise for the 24th MEU who, along with the Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group, is currently deployed to the U.S Central Command area of operations as a theater security and crisis response force.
Marine Corps Career Options in Field 21 - Ordnance
Geographic Intelligence Specialist setting up equipment outside a building on a snow covered field.
All About Marine Corps Geographic Intelligence Specialists (MOS 0261)
Two U.S Marines run into position whilst participating in a live fire excercise on July 31, 2013 near Rockhampton, Australia.
Become a Marine Corps Infantry Unit Leader
Navy And Marine Corps Aviation Ordnancemen Load Ordnance Onto An Av 8B Harrier Aboard The Landing
U.S. Marine Corps Job Field 65: Aviation Ordnance
U.S. Marines Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV) coming ashore on a beach
What Is an Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV) Crewmember?
MUSA QALA, AFGHANISTAN - NOVEMBER19: (SPAIN OUT, FRANCE OUT, AFP OUT) Sargent Sheena Adams, 25, US Marine with the FET (Female Engagement Team) 1st Battalion 8th Marines, Regimental Combat team II stands guard while on patrol on November 19, 2010 in Musa Qala, Afghanistan.
Requirements for Being a Marine Corps Infantry Officer
A soldier conducts a combat dive mission
Reconnaissance Marine Parachute and Combat Diver Qualified: MOS 0326