Marine Corps Enlisted Job Descriptions: MOS 0612

Tactical switching operator

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Military Occupational Specialty codes, more commonly called MOS codes, are used to designate job descriptions and duties within the Marine Corps. A series of numbers follow MOS. The first two numbers identify the field of the job and the last numbers designate the job within that field. MOS 0612 is the Tactical Switching Operator. 

Several MOSs were renamed in 2016 to be less gender-specific, but the MOS 0612 title remained unchanged at that time. However, it was amended from just the Field Wireman position to include Tactical Switching Operator within the Communications field. Both terms are still used, and this position is sometimes informally referred to as "wire dog." 

This is a primary MOS (PMOS) and its range rank is from Sergeant to Private. 

Job Description of MOS 0612, Tactical Switching Operator 

Tactical Switching Operators or Field Wiremen are the foundation of wire communications in the Marine Corps. Personnel holding this designation construct, operate, and maintain wire networks to link key outposts, control points, and headquarters. They provide reliable paths for the transmission of telephone, facsimile, and digital data messages.

Typical duties of this MOS include the installation of telephones and switchboards, and laying wire and cable. Tactical Switching Operators and Field Wiremen adjust equipment for proper operation. They recover wire, locate wire system faults, and operate switchboards.

Marines in this position can obtain the additional skill of pole climbing if it's deemed necessary to perform wire functions.

A complete listing of duties and tasks is available in NAVMC Directive 3500.106Communications Training and Readiness Manual.

Job Requirements of MOS 0612, Tactical Switching Operator 

Applicants for this job must possess an EL score of at least 105, and higher is preferred. Tactical Switching Operators and Field Wiremen must have normal color vision. They must be U.S. citizens and hold a confidential security clearance in addition to being eligible for a secret security clearance. 

Applicants for MOS 0612 must complete the Telephone Systems Installer Maintainer Course (TSIMC) at MCCES located in 29 Palms, California. 

The Telecommunications Supervisors course provides skill progression training for those holding ranks from Sergeant to Corporal. 

Related Department of Labor Occupation Codes

(1) Station Installer and Repairer 822.261-022.

(2) Line Installer-Repairer 822.381-014.

Other Marine Corps Jobs in Communications 06

(1) Construction Wireman MOS 0613

(2) Unit Level Circuit Switch (ULCS) Operator/Maintainer MOS 0614

(3) Electronic Switching Operator/Maintainer MOS 0618

(4) Wire Chief MOS 0619

(5) Radio Field Operation MOS 0621

(6) Digital (Multichannel) Wideband Transmission Equipment Operator MOS 0622

(7) SHF Satellite Communications Operator/Maintainer MOS 0627

(8) EHF Satellite Communications Operator/Maintainer MOS 0628 

(9) Radio Chief MOS 0629

(10) Strategic Spectrum Manager MOS 0648

(11) Data Network Specialist MOS 0651

(12) Tactical Data Network Gateway Systems Administrator MOS 0658

(13) Data Chief MOS 0659

(14) Information Security Technician MOS 0681

(15) Information Assurance Technician MOS 0689

(16) Communications Chief MOS 0699

Related SOC Classification/SOC Code

(1) Line Installer and Repairers/Telephone Line 49-9052

(2) Telecommunications Systems Installers and Repairers, Except Line Installers 49-2022

The above information derived in part from MCBUL 1200, parts 2 and 3.