Marine Corps Electronics Maintenance Technician Description

Marine Corps Electronics Maintenance Technician
••• Lance Cpl. Bruno J. Bego/Wikimedia Commons

The MOS 2862 Electronics Maintenance Technician is trained at the Marine Corps Communication Electronics School Training Command in Twenty Nine Palms, CA. The mission of the Communications and Electronics School is to train Marines in ground electronics maintenance, tactical communications, and air control/anti-air warfare operations and maintenance in order to ensure that Marine commanders at all levels have the ability to exercise command and control across the full range of military operations. Since electronics were invented, the USMC has evolved from carrier pigeon communication, signals, and high/low-frequency radio, now high tech satellite communications systems.

Job Description 

Electronics maintenance technicians are qualified to perform complex diagnosis, repairs, and modifications to ground data/communications equipment. These technicians supervise ground data/communications maintenance activities and instruct in the use and repair of ground data/communications equipment and systems. Typical duties include complex repairs and modifications to data/communication equipment, supervision of a maintenance section or shop, coordination of equipment evacuation for repair with other maintenance activities, requisitioning of parts, and monitoring maintenance reports. These technicians also provide technical assistance during the employment and installation of data communication systems.

The MOS 2862 is a Primary Military Occupational Specialty. From the ranks of Sergeant to Gunnery Sergeant you can advance from the MOS 2844 to the MOS 2846. The following career progressions that involve more training, evolving with newer technology, and rank. This MOS is a career progression for MOSs 2844, 2846, and 2847. The preferred target for assignment to career progression training is at the 8-10 years time in service (TIS) mark. MOS 2891, Electronics Maintenance Chief, is assigned upon promotion to Master Sergeant.

Job Requirements

  1. Must possess an EL score of 115 or higher.
  2. Complete the Advanced Electronics Course and the Electronics Maintenance Technician Course.
  3. Marines must have 24 months obligated service remaining upon graduation from the Electronics Maintenance Technician Course. This obligated service must be obtained prior to execution of PCS (DUINS) or PCA (DUINS) orders to the course.
  4. Complete 1 year of high school algebra.
  5. Must be eligible for a secret security clearance.
  6. Must have normal color vision.
  7. Must be a U.S. citizen.


For a complete listing of duties and tasks, refer to NAVMC 3500.6B, 2800 Ground Electronics Maintenance Training Readiness Manual.

Related Department of Labor Occupation Codes

  • Radio Mechanic 823.261-018
  • Maintenance Mechanic, Telephones
  • Electronics Mechanic 828.261-022

Life in the Civilian World After the MOS 2862: Electronics Maintenance Technician

The training in electronics is valuable in the civilian world. After your training, which involve many hours in the classroom, you can qualify for college credit for future degrees in such majors as Electrical Engineering. Due to many education programs involved with the military, Marines will be able to receive formal college credit for previously completed formal military training and service experience.

East Coast Polytechnic Institute (ECPI) University is the college that supports the Marine Corps technical MOS’s and allows for college credit. The degrees currently in this program are the Associates of Science and Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology. 

The Servicemembers Opportunity College Marines (SOCMAR) awards credit for military experience and training based on American Council on Education (ACE). The SOCMAR program is linked to several local and online universities which assist the motivated Marine toward the goal of a college degree. 

Jobs Related to the MOS 2862: Electronics Maintenance Technician

  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Technician,
  • Fiber Optics Installer (FOI)
  • Fiber Optics Technician (FOT)
  • Industrial Electronics Technician (IND)
  • Telecommunications Electronics Technician (TCM)
  • Wireless Communications Electronics Technician (WCM)

Communications companies like Verizon, General Dynamics, AT&T, and Crane actively pursue military members with Electronics Maintenance Training. Satellite Communications companies are also looking for ground support and maintenance professionals and typically have starting salaries in the $50-60,000 per year with benefits. 


Above information derived from MCBUL 1200, parts 2 and 3