Marine Corps Enlisted Job Descriptions

MOS 7041 -- Aviation Operations Specialist

Releasing the Nightmares Aviation Boatswains Mate 3rd Class Cesar Salinas launches an AV-8B Harrier jet aircraft, assigned to the "Nightmares" of Marine Attack Squadron (VMA) 513, from the flight deck aboard the forward-deployed amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6), March 9, 2013. The Bonhomme Richard Amphibious Ready Group, currently on deployment in the U.S. 7th Fleet area of operations, is conducting amphibious integration training (AIT) and is scheduled to participate in certification exercise (CERTEX) upon completion of AIT.
••• U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Betsy Knapper

Typical duties of the aviation operations specialist include assisting in the preparation of operation plans and orders, training directives, programs and orders; maintaining orders of flight time in both master and individual flight files; maintaining files of extended flight, navigational information, navigational publications, radio and landing facility charts, flight information manuals, maps, other pertinent guides and notices, and compiling data for and preparing aviation operations and aviation safety reports.

MOS 7041 is assigned upon completion of the Marine Aviation Operations Specialist Course ( MARAOS). Personnel must have working knowledge of word processors.


Rank Range: MGySgt to Pvt​

Job Requirements:

  1. Must possess a GT score of 100 or higher.
  2. Complete the Aviation Operations Specialist Course.
  3. Basic PC operations/word processing and be able to enter characters in word processing at the following rates: MGySgt to Sgt -35 NET WPM; Cpl -30 NET WPM; LCpl to Pvt -25 NET WPM.
  4. Must possess a secret security clearance.
  5. Must be a U.S. citizen.
  6. Must have normal color vision.


1. MGySgt to Pvt:

  • Types reports, correspondence, and other matters from rough drafts.
  • Prepares master sheets for reproduction.
  • Maintains files of aviation operations publications, records, and correspondence per current directives.
  • Maintains and files classified material.
  • Maintains flight logs and records of an aviation operations activity.
  • Transmits flight plans and arrival reports to flight and air traffic control centers.
  • Maintains maps, aeronautical charts, and aeronautical published files.
  • Utilizes publications pertaining to aviation operations.
  • Assists in the preparation of records, reports, and schedules of aviation operations such as daily flight records, aircraft operational reports, daily flight, and training schedules.

2. MGySgt to Cpl:

  • Requisitions supplies and equipment required in an aviation operations section.
  • Decodes sequence reports and synoptic charts and disseminates weather information to pilots.
  • Initiates lost plane procedures.
  • Maintains situation and operation maps.
  • Assists in the preparation of visual and instrument flight plans.
  • Assists in preparation of operation plans and orders.
  • Demonstrates familiarity with instrument flight clearance procedures.
  • Understands NAVFLIRS system and has knowledge of ADPE-FMF NAVFLIRS function.

    3. MGySgt to SSgt:

    • Assists in preparing, administering, and grading of NATOPS pilot qualifications and instrument rating examinations.
    • Compiles data for and prepares aviation operations and aviation safety reports.
    • Maintains information on the condition of training facilities and schedules of units using training sites, firing, and bombing ranges.
    • Coordinates the activities of a flight clearance section.
    • Performs as required the duties of a squadron level operations chief.
    • Conducts informal OJT/technical training within MOS.
    • Knows FAA and service publications pertinent to aerial flight and aviation safety.
    • Plans, schedules, and directs the work assignments of aviation operations personnel.

    4. MGySgt to GySgt:

    • Prepares, coordinates, and publishes operations plans and orders.
    • Performs as required the duties of a wing/group level operations chief.
    • Coordinates in the preparation of airfield operations manuals crash/rescue and disaster control bills.

    5. MGySgt and MSgt:

    • Coordinates the maintenance support required in the operation of an airfield.
    • Coordinates the activities of an airfield operations department to include ATC, weather, crash/rescue, aircraft recovery, NavAids, training aids, photo lab, and aircraft maintenance, if assigned.
    • Supervises and administers the operations and maintenance of ground facilities and services at an airfield or station.
    • Constructs, extracts, and analyzes statistical projections concerning employment and usage of aircraft.

    6. MGySgt:

    • Organizes, supervises, and assists in the management of an aviation operations activity.
    • Manages an MOS training facility.

    Related Department of Labor Occupation Codes:

    1. Flight Operations Specialist 248.387-010.
    2. Crew Scheduler 215.362-010.
    3. Crew Scheduler, Chief 215.137-010.

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    Above information derived from MCBUL 1200, parts 2 and 3