Master at Arms Enlistment Codes

Navy NECs

The Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) system supplements the enlisted rating structure in identifying personnel on active or inactive duty and billets in manpower authorizations. NEC codes identify a non-rating wide skill, knowledge, aptitude, or qualification that must be documented to identify both people and billets for management purposes.

For example, if a Navy police officer ( MA -- Master at Arms ) receives specialized training as a K-9 Dog Handler, he/she would be awarded NEC MA-2005. From that point on, the sailor could be assigned to Navy law enforcement duties involving military working dogs.

Below are the NECs for the MASTER AT ARMS community area:

MA-2002 Military Investigator (APPLIES TO: MA)

MA-2005 Dog Handler (APPLIES TO: MA)

MA-2006 Kennel Master (APPLIES TO: MA)

MA-2008 Afloat Corrections Specialist (APPLIES TO: MA)

MA-2009 Protective Service Specialist