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Michael Thiemann is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Zebit, Inc., a free employee financial wellness benefit that provides better financial resources and access to no-cost credit options for hardworking Americans.

By relieving the #1 cause of employee stress, Zebit helps partnering employers increase productivity, engagement, and retention, saving up to $2,000 per employee annually.

The Zebit Financial Wellness Platform contains financial planning tools (financial self-assessment, training, budgeting, and savings planning), ZebitLine (interest-free financing without fees, penalties, or credit checks), and Zebit Market containing thousands of name brand products that can be financed interest-free with ZebitLine. 

Prior to Zebit, Thiemann served as CEO of Global Analytics, Investment Science, HNC Financial Solutions and Aptex.

At these companies, he was responsible for a string of innovative products, including Falcon (now FICO Falcon), a payment systems fraud solution that protects over two billion credit card accounts worldwide, Retek skuPlan (now part of Oracle and the leading retail logistics software package), and Aptex SelectCast, voted the top internet personalization software by Forrester Research. With Zebit, he continues his record of breakthrough analytics products for credit review, fraud prevention, and Internet transaction analysis.

Thiemann received an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School, where he was a Baker Scholar and Century Club member. He also holds an AB in studio art and M.S. and B.S. degrees in electrical engineering with distinction from Stanford University. Thiemann has served on more than two dozen commercial and non-profit boards.

He has been featured in Wine Spectator for a top US wine cellar, in Bloomberg Markets for artificial intelligence software, and has made numerous media appearances, which include PBS television and NPR radio.

Thiemann received a Smithsonian Medal for achievements in education software and co-founded the San Diego Summer Jazz Workshop. He has coached the San Diego State Waterski Team to regional and national championships.

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