Mike Profita


Guest author Mike Profita is an expert on career development for the college population and served as Director of Career Services at Skidmore College for 24 years.

Mike received the President's Award for excellence for his accomplishments in that role. He writes about career transition and job search issues for high school and college students and graduates.


Mike has developed programs and counseled clients at the community college level for Passaic County Community College, university level at the University of Maine as well as in the liberal arts sector at Skidmore College. He was a pioneer in establishing liberal arts college consortium efforts to leverage the combined resources of member schools to better serve students in the liberal arts and sciences. These efforts included the creative use of technology to enhance career development programming.

Mike is an expert in coaching clients regarding strategies for optimizing their background to achieve better outcomes in the job market through effective job search communications, interviewing, and networking techniques. He often writes about the connection between college majors and possible career paths and ways to maximize the value of liberal arts and science degrees.


Mike earned a bachelor's degree in sociology and a master's degree in guidance/counseling from Montclair State University.