U.S. Military Careers

There are career paths in the US military for every conceivable skill set and education level. Learn about the various paths available to you, the pay scales for every occupation, and the rules and hierarchies that govern life in the military.
Soldier doing push ups
Could You Pass a US Military Fitness Test?
Young Caucasian Man In Handcuffs Under Arrest
How a Criminal History Can Affect U.S. Military Enlistment?
Fresh Recruits Take Oath Of Enlistment At NYC's Only Military Base
Second Trip To MEPS? Ready To Ship Out
Male and female military duo crawling together during operations in muddy sand
Fitness Test Requirements for Special Operations Command
Army JROTC marching at Christmas parade in Johnson City, Tennessee
U.S. Army ROTC Simultaneous Membership Program
Text reads: "Tips for surviving boot camp: study the ranks, general orders, and core values for your particular service; if joining the marines, learn at least the first verse of the marine's hymn; work out for a few months before joining boot camp; learn to do push-ups for a full two minutes; practice running sprints and long distances; know how to swim if you're joining the navy, coast guard, or marines; quit smoking beforehand"
Surviving Basic Combat Training: How Not To Fail
Soldier in basic training
What To Expect During Military Boot Camp
Marines pullups
What Are The Fitness Standards For Men In The Marine Corps
man in hazmat suit holding vial of green liquid
Learn About Military Vaccinations and Disease Prevention Efforts
Doctor prescribing medication to young soldier during therapy session
What Is the Military Medical PULHES Grading System?
Get a Female's Perspective of Air Force Basic Training
soldier in fatigues holding a drink
Drunk on Duty, Article 112 Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)
US Army Camouflage Uniform and Cap
Army Sergeant and Staff Sergeant Promotion Requirements
Military to Civilian
Many Ways to Get Discharged From the Military
Image a shows a large group of coast guard trainees in uniform. Text reads: "Coast guard boot camp: what to know before you attend: expect to spend a total of 53 days in cape may, NJ. One of the first things you'll experience is a complete search of your personal possessions. Try to learn to swim before you leave for boot camp. Memoize coast guards ranks. Bring a copy of your marriage certificate. Bring $50 in cash in small bills to cover purchases during boot camp."
What Are Some Tactics for Getting Through Coast Guard Boot Camp?
Image shows a person in navy uniform standing on top of a fighter jet, with two others flying through the air. Text reads: "Requirements for qualifying as a navy airman: combined score of 210 on the verbal, arithmetic, mechanical knowledge, automotive, and shop sections of the ASVAB tests; normal color perception (no colorblindness); U.S. Citizen status; secret security clearance from the dept. of defense involving background check of finances and character, plus past drug use of alcohol abuse" "
What Happens During Navy Boot Camp?
army basic training
What Restrictions Do You Have During Army Training?
Acquisition and Financial Management Badge
Air Force Occupational and Aeronautical Badges
Mark McFarland, a fitness program coordinator for Navy Region Hawaii, observes Cryptologic Technician (Interpretive) 2nd Class Shannon Forbes as she performs a body composition assessment on Senior Chief Navy Diver Paul Adams as part of the Command Fitness Leader course.
What Are the Weight Standards for the Navy?
Soldiers marching
What Jobs Can You Learn and Use in the Army?
Returning soldier hugging wife in airport
Leave, Liberty, TDY, and More Benefits The Recruiter Never Told You
Naval officers in row saluting
Military Officer Promotion Times, Rates, and Total Numbers in Service
Marines running during basic training.
The Standards for Weight and Body Fat in the Marines
Young sailor in the harbor
What You Need to Know About Your Navy Assignment
Recruits at MEPS
ASVAB Scores Requirements For Navy Jobs
Arial view of the US Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland
Navy Class A School Student Policies and Restrictions
Fresh Recruits Take Oath Of Enlistment At NYC's Only Military Base
Can I Join the Military if I Have a Disqualifying Issue?
Three young men in basic training
What Happens If a Military Recruit Fails Basic Training?
Soldier talking to young man at military recruitment event
Where Do You Go to Join the U.S. Military?
Annapolis - United States Naval Academy
The Many Ways to Become a Navy Commissioned Officer
U.S. Marine Corps breast patch on fatigues
Marine Corps Enlisted Promotions to Corporal E-4 and Sergeant E-5
Silhouette of soldiers near helicopter in desert landscape
Can You Enroll in the U.S. Army with Only a GED Diploma?
Image shows four workers with their titles beneath them, and then three other badges including a technical one, a radar, and several missiles. Text reads: "Top aptitude areas of air force shortage: mechanical aptitude, general aptitude, electrical aptitude, security forces, cyber transport systems, air traffic control, munitions systems"
List Shows the Needs Of The Air Force
Military Pilot
Learn About the Minimum And Maximum Ages For Military Pilots
Air Force Pilot and F-15 Eagle
What Medical Conditions Can Stop You From Being an Air Force Pilot?
United States of America armed forces patch with American flag in the background
What Are the Different Ranks in the Air Force?
U.S. Troops Train In South Korea
New Combat Fitness Test—Age/Gender Neutral
U.S. Air Force pilots exciting plane
Air Force Senior Airman (E-4) Below the Zone Promotions
U.S. Air Force Airmen Salute the Captain of an F-15 Eagle
What You Need to Know About the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test
men running in army physical fitness test (APFT)
U.S. Army Weight And Body Fat Requirements for Men
United States Marines relax in combat.
What to Know About the Armed Forces Qualification Test Score (AFQT)
Soldiers in formation
What Is the National Call to Service?
Army woman and man walking with duffelss
Examples of False Statements on Recruiting Paperwork
This illustration defines what the Defense Language Aptitude Battery test is including "It's a military exam required for certain jobs," "It tests a person's aptitude to learn a foreign language," and "The test includes audio and visual segments."
Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) Testing
US Navy Officer
Learn About the Military Delayed Enlistment Program
The Navy Full Time Support (FTS) Program
The Navy Full Time Support (FTS) Program
A rear view of a soldier patrolling with a gun in his hands, New York, USA.
Can Military Service Actually Be an Alternative to Jail Time?
military dad holding daughter's hand
Learn About the US Military Enlistment Standards for Single Parents
Enlisted Female Airforce Soldier
Can You Transfer from the Reserves to Active Duty?
military fighters flying in formation
The Complete Guide of the Enlistment Process for the U.S. Air Force
Norfolk, Va.(May 8, 2004) - Newly graduated and commissioned officers of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC)
What You Need to Know About Advanced Paygrade Programs
Credit report form on a desk
How Your Credit History Can Affect Enlistment in the U.S. Military
Female Marines Take On Challenges in Afghanistan
How Your Dependents Affect Military Enlistment in the U.S.
Man putting pin on woman in the navy
How Does the Navy Buddy Enlistment Program Work?
U.S. Army Special Forces
How To Get A Perfect Beret In The Military
Portrait Caucasian Naval Officer in Winter Whites Uniform Outside
Main Menu Of Navy Commissioned Officer Job Designators
Soldiers surrounding wounded comrade waiting for rescue helicopter
What Is Air Force Pararescue Training?
Military recruiter meeting with young man at military recruitment event
Advice for When You Meet Your Military Recruiter
US Armed Forces Recruiting Station sign in Times Square.
When You Can, and Cannot, Re-Take the ASVAB Test
Navy General Orders of the Sentry Graphic
Navy Watch Standing Orders