United States Marine Corps Enlisted Job Descriptions

Field 58, Military Police and Corrections

Military Police
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The military police and corrections OccFld provides the commander continuous support by enforcing the law; preventing and suppressing crime; assessing command physical security posture; preserving military control; quelling disturbances; investigating offenses; apprehending offenders; protecting property and personnel; providing flightline security; registering and controlling privately owned vehicles and weapons; investigating traffic accidents; controlling traffic; antiterrorism; handling and safeguarding prisoners of war, refugees, or evacuees; conducting small unit offensive and defensive combat operations; guarding military prisoners and absentees/deserters returned to military control; and supervising brig operations and correctional custody units. Entry-level specialties available include military police and correctional specialists.

Below are the Marine Corps Enlisted Military Occupation Specialties which are organized under this occupational field:

5811 -- Military Police

5812 --Working Dog Handler

5813 --Accident Investigator

5814 --Physical Security Specialist

5816 --Special Reaction Team (3RT) Member

5819 --Military Police Investigator (MPI)

5821 --Criminal Investigator CID Agent

5822 --Forensic Psycho-physiologist (Polygraph Examiner)

5831 --Correctional Specialist

5832 --Correctional Counselor