Does the Military Pay for College for Spouses and Children?

If you're wondering if the military pays for college for spouses and children, the answer is no. Through the G.I. Bill and Tuition Assistance Programs, the military pays for college education of military members, but not dependents.

A few years ago, Congress passed a law, which would allow the services to authorize military members to give part of the Montgomery G.I. Bill to their spouse or children. However, in order to do so, the member would have to be serving in a critically-short job, and would have to agree to re-enlist. The Army tested the program for a year, then gave it up. None of the other services ever implemented the program.

Even though the military won't pay for spouse/dependent education, each of the services have related "aid" or "relief" societies, which are non-profit organizations dedicated to providing assistance to military members and their dependents. Quite often, these agencies offer college scholarships, grants, or interest-free loans for dependent college education. The organizations are: