Mindfulness is Like Hitting Pause in a Working Mom's Life

The Great Benefits of Practicing Midfulness

Time to unwind and become mindful
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At the end of the day you cross the finish line. The kids are asleep, the house gets quiet, and you get some alone time. After the embrace with silence you are left with your thoughts.  What kinds of thoughts fill your mind? 

Do you start thinking about what you need to do? Do you start to worry if things will work out? 

Or do you think about everything good that happened to you today? 

This is an important transition time for working moms and here’s why. For most of your day something or someone needed you. You were always thinking about what needs to be done or what others needed.  At this time of day, it is time to unwind, release disease to please type thoughts so that you can enjoy a peaceful evening.  It’s like hitting the pause button to take in what is.

How can you successfully transition from the stress of the daily grind to happiness of solitude?  Practice being mindful.

If you haven’t heard of the term mindfulness, or being present, it means to fill your mind with the present moment. Instead of thinking about your past or future focus on what is going on or happening to you in this very moment. It’s about paying attention with your senses like feeling your skin, looking around you and taking in the sights, taking deep breaths or being quiet to listen what’s going on around you without judging anything. You accept everything the way it is without trying to change it.

  Just be.

Here’s what can happen to your mind when you practice being mindful while transitioning into your night time solitude. 

The green monster of envy slithers away

When you practice being mindful there’s no more comparison game. You are not filling your mind with thoughts about what other people have because you are focusing on what is going on around you.  You are enjoying what is true about your family and yourself. Hit the pause button and focus on your children are tucked into their beds happy and safe right this very moment.

Worrying subsides

Worrying stops because you are thinking about what’s going on right this very moment. You stop thinking about how things “should” be and just enjoy things as they are. Hit the pause button and focus on your health. Feel the tiredness ache in your bones from a good days work.

Calmness washes over you

When you are focused on the present moment with thoughts like “No one needs me in this very moment. Everyone is asleep. Everyone is safe. Everyone is healthy, including myself. There is a roof over our heads keeping us warm and dry. Life is good.”  You remember to take a deep breath and feel calm wash over your body.  You relax.  The stress of the day is pushed aside because there is nothing that you are going to do in this moment that will change things.  You are where you are suppose to be.  You hit the pause button and enjoy this moment.

You stop to enjoy your life

Life doesn’t have to be a day and night time marathon. The marathon can stop at night when you take the time to be present. When you hit the pause button you see the good that is happening to you.  Gratitude becomes easier to express. You get to take a look around and think, “Hey wow!  Life is pretty amazing at the moment. Look at everything I’ve helped to create. Look at everything that I am capable of doing. Wow.”  What you are doing is amazing and being present gives you the gift to appreciate yourself.

Learning to become mindful is like adding some sugar and spice that you didn’t realize you were missing.  It makes life more meaningful. Practicing being in the moment is something to do throughout your day, but doing it at night is beneficial. At night is when our brains can go a bit crazy to-do lists or stressful thoughts. When you press pause, the disease to please stops and you can just be.  The power of the mind is yours to control, so be mindful of it.