Mini Resume Template and Examples

Mini Resumes
••• Alison Doyle

A mini resume contains a brief summary of your career highlights and qualifications. The mini resume highlights your accomplishments rather than present a full-length resume.

When to Use a Mini Resume

In most cases, your traditional long-form resume will be appropriate. A mini resume, however,  comes in handy at job fairs or networking events when you're meeting with many people and want to leave them with something more than a business card, but less bulky than a full resume.

You can use the mini resume when you're networking and want a contact to pass on your information to a hiring manager or recruiter. Your goal is to provide the basics a company needs to decide whether it should pursue you as a candidate.

Having on hand a mini resume in the format of a business card can be useful since it's easy to carry and you can pass it on to potential employers, clients, and business contacts you meet unexpectedly.   Arranged thoughtfully, the mini resume can impart far more information than your basic business card.

Mini Resume Template

Contact Information
The first section of your resume should include information on how the employer can contact you, or this contact information can be printed on the front of a standard-size business card with your career highlights on the back. (A professional printer may be able to generate a slightly larger card if you have more information than can fit on a standard business card—but remember, your goal is conciseness.)

First Last Name
Street Address
City, State Zip
Phone (Cell/Home)
Email Address

Career Highlights

Mini Resume Sample #1

Janet Miller
848 Excelsior Circle
Stanford, MI 09991

Career Coach

  • Certified Workforce Development Professional with 14 years experience as a Career Specialist
  • Ability to provide career counseling, coaching, and job seeker services
  • Expertise at identifying values, developing possible career paths, and proposing strategies for entering a career

Mini Resume Sample #2

John Smith
848 Abbott Road
Stillfield, CT 08888

Computer Programmer

  • Five years experience in successful design, development, and support of live-use applications
  • C++, Java, C, ASP.NET, SQL, MS Visual Studio, Eclipse, JBoss, Tomcat
  • Certifications: CCNA, Unicenter Certified Engineer

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