Missouri CDL Testing Locations

A CDL Can Change Your Life for the Better

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NationalAtlas.gov,, March 3, 2011

Commercial Drivers Skills testing is crucial if you want a job that involves driving a truck or any other vehicle transporting oversized or hazardous materials. People with a CDS license are eligible for a number of high-paying jobs that may also require:

  • Freight delivery
  • Loading and unloading
  • Mechanical maintenance of vehicles
  • Handling bills of lading and other paperwork

Types of Commercial Licenses

It's possible to earn a Class A, B, or C commercial license. Each type of license opens up a different set of job opportunities. Class A drivers can drive a vehicle weighing up to 10,000 pounds, while Class B drivers can take on much larger vehicles. Class C drivers are eligible to drive passenger vehicles such as vans and buses.

For example, according to DMV.org, Class A license holders may operate:

  • Tractor-trailers
  • Truck and trailer combinations
    • Double and triple trailers
  • Tractor-trailer buses
  • Tanker vehicles
  • Livestock carriers
  • Flatbeds

With a Class B license, you can drive:

  • Straight trucks
  • Large buses, including
    • City buses
    • Tourist buses
    • School buses
  • Segmented buses
  • Box trucks, such as:
    • Delivery drivers
    • Couriers
    • Furniture delivery
  • Dump trucks with small trailers

Class C license holders can operate unusual vehicles such as:

  • Small HAZMAT vehicles
  • Passenger vans
  • Combination vehicles not described in class A or B

Preparing for a CDL Test

Before taking a CDL test, you must get a CDL permit and have that permit for at least fourteen days. In Missouri, you must also make an appointment to be tested. To prepare for the test itself, you can take a course in person or online, or purchase sample tests, "cheat sheets" and other prep tools.

While there are Department of Motor Vehicle locations across the state, only a limited number offer CDL tests. These include:

  • 5550 S. Grand, Carthage, 417-359-1514
  • US 61 4725 Ready Mix Road, Hannibal, 573-248-2425
  • 5621 Raptor Road, Jefferson City, 573-526-4002
  • 1950 NE Independence Avenue, Lee's Summit, 816-622-0718
  • 29883 State Hwy K, Macon, 660-385-1330
  • 451 C. Plaza Circle, Malden, 573-840-9500
  • Nagogami Road West, Rolla, 573-368-2345
  • Missouri State Fairgrounds, Sedalia, 816-622-0718
  • 159 West Murray Lane, Sikeston, 573-840-9500
  • 6951 East Hwy 00, Stafford, 417-863-0397
  • 1602 Hwy 759, St. Joseph, 816-387-2025
  • 3180 Koch Road, St. Louis, 314-416-2180
  • Willow Springs, 417-469-3121