Modeling Advice From Top Male Supermodels

Quotes about keeping fit, staying healthy, and launching a successful career

Moisturizing, hydrating, blowdrying, spray tanning — we all know female models have strict regimens that help them stay beautiful, on and off the runway. But don’t forget that guys don’t wake up looking like a million bucks, either! Male models have their own secrets for keeping fit, staying healthy and launching a successful career in the modeling industry. Here are some quotes from the pros that offer their best advice about a career in male modeling.

David Gandy

David Gandy is a top male supermodel
David Gandy.

"It's really your agency. The agency you choose has a huge, huge importance because you have to work with these people every day. Just make sure you like them — and not just as a successful agency — but you got to like these people as well."

Tyson Beckford

Tyson Beckford is top male supermodel.
Tyson Beckford.

“My trainer is a thing called the iPod. I just download all the hot tracks, and I turn that up and get focused. I say to myself, ‘There is another guy out there doing the same thing, and he's working a hundred times harder.’ That's my drive.”

Garrett Neff

Garrett Neff is a top male supermodel
Garrett Neff.

The most important thing for me is mixing it up so I don't get bored. Running, swimming, tennis, yoga, classes at Equinox, kickboxing at Gotham Gym. I just picked up paddle boarding and tried anti-gravity yoga for the first time this summer. Trainers are really helpful when it comes to keeping it new. Mine comes to the apartment and we do floor workouts with lightweights if I run out of my own ideas or if my schedule is tight.“

Shaun Ross

Shaun Ross is a top male model.
Shaun Ross.

“Instead of eating fatty foods high in sodium every day, why not just eat them once a week? Doing this will also help your digestive system. Most cases of bad skin come from the things we eat, so pay closer attention to that than you normally do.”

Baptiste Giabiconi

Baptiste Giabiconi is a top male model.
Baptiste Giabiconi.

“It is important to be toned but not to the point where people can see muscle definition under your clothes.”

Noah Mills

Noah Mills is a top male model.
Noah Mills.

“There are a lot of things to be tempted by in the fashion industry. I got swept up in it a bit at first, but now I know what I’m doing – when I can stay up late and have a drink after work and when I need to get my sleep. It’s a key part of the job to go out and meet people. You need to be professional but fun at the same time. It’s a skill and I see a lot of people slip up.” 

Cory Bond

Cory Bond is a top male model.
Tetu Magazine.

“I use dry shampoo a lot because I don't like to really wash my hair every day... it doesn't style well for work. It's better for your hair not to wash it all the time.”

Simon Nessman

Simon Nessman is a top male model.
Simon Nessman.

It’s easy to build it up into this crazy thing, but when you’re on set with a group of people, for the most part, they’re just normal human beings and you have regular conversations with photographers and stylists. It’s not really any different than the real world.”

Paul Sculfor

Paul Sculfor is a top male model
Paul Sculfor

“The best tip I’ve had came actually from an old aunt of mine. You may laugh but it’s to wash your hair in eggs once a month – the protein really helps.”

Chad White

Chad White is a top male model.
Chad White.

I do a lot of juicing. I'm really big about kale, spinach, ginger, and cayenne pepper. The cleaner my food is, the better it is and the better my skin looks.”

Kacey Carrig

Kacey Carrig is a top male model.
Kacey Carrig.

“Modeling doesn't require you to be very muscular and bulky, but as thin and lean as possible. Because I—like most people in this world—don't enjoy running, I try to play tennis and basketball as much as possible for my cardio.”

Mikkel Jensen

Mikkel Jensen is a top male model.
Mikkel Jensen.

“Don't lose yourself."