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Management is a special role in your organization. Managers influence the work experience of the employees who report to them. They communicate the culture, the goals, and the requirements of your senior team and organization—or not.

Skilled managers do, so it is in the best interests of your employees and your organization that you hire managers with the ability to perform the role effectively. They must be able to successfully plan, organize, direct, and monitor the work of a department and the individual roles that employees play within the framework.

They must be able to successfully perform additional soft skills that empower, enable, engage, and create a motivating environment for employees. All of these skills you must identify during the interviews with your job candidates. Or, you will have unsuccessful employees who cannot do the whole job that you need from them.

Earlier, questions were recommended that you could use to assess the skills and experience of your potential management employees. Using this recommended job description for a manager, these additional sample interview questions will help you to assess the abilities and experience of your candidates for a manager’s job.

Job Expectations of the Manager's Role

Your candidate must be skilled and experienced in each of these primary objectives of a manager.

  • Health, safety, and welfare of the employees.
  • Accomplish the mission and carry out the goals of the business unit managed.
  • Develop a superior workforce.
  • Develop the processes and systems of the department or business unit managed.
  • Implement an employee-oriented culture that emphasizes the culture that your organization wants to instill in the work environment. The culture must emphasize quality, continuous improvement, key employee retention and development, and high performance.
  • The personal and professional ongoing development of the manager.

Management Job Interview Questions

Always ask these management job interview questions. These interview questions give you insight into the manager's role, approach, and priorities in his or her current position. Remember that the way he approaches management now will not change.

These questions allow the candidate to emphasize what is important to him. They allow you to see if you are interviewing a person who is a potential job fit and cultural fit in your organization.

  • What did you do specifically to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the employees who reported to you? 
  • Can you demonstrate your application of employment law within your department in relation to your reporting employees?
  • What did you see as your responsibility when the senior leaders of your organization shared strategic information with employees about the mission, vision, values, and goals?
  • When the senior leaders shared this information, how did you reinforce these messages with the employees who reported to you?
  • Discuss your role and experience in recruiting employees to your department.
  • In the past, when you have recruited new employees to join your team, what portions of the recruitment process were most significant in hiring a superior employee?
  • Tell us about your best remembered time when you introduced a new process or a system within your department. Was it successful? What made you happy or proud of the new system?
  • What are five characteristics of employees who will work well with you?
  • What have you done to encourage an employee-oriented culture that emphasized employee involvement, engagement, and empowerment?
  • Please share actions you have taken in the past to emphasize quality, continuous improvement, and employee productivity?
  • What have you done to ensure that you continue to develop as a manager? How do you identify the skills that need improvement attention?
  • What book have you read that influenced how you manage your reporting staff or your department? How did it influence you?
  • What else would you say has influenced the development of the style or styles you use as a manager?

Management and Supervision Skill Job Interview Question Answers

These tips about how to assess your candidate’s management interview question answers will help you select the best possible management employees for your organization.

Take a look at these recommended ways of assessing your candidate's responses to your interview questions about management skills.

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