Army Training - MOS 31R - Multichannel Transmission Systems Operator

Training for the military
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Training for this MOS consists of nine weeks of Basic Training, followed by 18 weeks of Advanced Individual Training (AIT) at Fort Gordon, Georgia, including hands-on training with multi-channel transmitters and associated equipment. Part of this time is spent in the classroom and part in the field.

Additional Training Information

Specific formal training opportunities for this MOS, including advanced training courses available at specific points of the soldier's career, can be found on the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) website.


During Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training (AIT), the Army limits a soldier's personal freedom, using a "Phase System," which grants increased freedom, based upon phase of training.

Training Details

To provide Active Army and Reserve Component personnel with the basic skills and knowledge that are required to become a Multichannel Transmission System Operator-Maintainer at Echelon Corps Below (ECB). In addition, the student will be provided with the skill, and knowledge necessary to install and operate Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE) Line-of-Sight (LOS) equipment; to troubleshoot and maintain the LOS shelters at unit level and install, operate, and troubleshoot a LOS link. The student will be given the training needed to install MSE antenna/masts and will participate in the System Training Exercise (STX). Acquire skills and knowledge to become Multichannel Transmission Systems Operator-Maintainer at ECB or EAC. As well as, installation, operation, and maintenance of RAU. Installation, operation, troubleshooting and unit level maintenance of DGM Line-of-Sight equipment, shelters, links, antennas and to attend training at STX.