Industry Basics

Getting started in the music business can be difficult. Follow these basic tips to learn more about recording demos, salaries, internships, self-employment and funding music projects.
Image shows a rock and roll band shooting a music video on a flat, gated-in rooftop. Text reads: "How to shoot a music video step by step! Be realistic: a music video can take 10-20 hours to shoot. Film students can help when you're on a budget. Storyboard your video for maximum efficiency. Supplement your shoot with live footage."
Here Is a Helpful Step-By-Step Guide to Making a Music Video
A face reflected on a vinyl record
360 Deals in the Music and the Associated Controversy
Close-Up Of Guitar Amplifier
What Is a Music Genre and How It's Used to Categorize Music
Female sound engineer in a recording studio paid for with a business funding loan.
What You Need to Know Before Applying for a Music Business Loan
Creative businessman presenting project
10 Questions to Ask Before You Work With a Music PR Firm
From Mic To Mix PNW
Learn About a Sound Engineer's Important Role in the Music Industry
Man listening to album in record store
What Is Music Distribution?
Enthusiastic women in crowd at music concert
What Does a Music Promoter Do?
Record label execs Lucian Grainge (CEO, Universal Music Group) and Russell Simmons (Def Jam Records)
Why Record Labels Have Such Tremendous Influence on the Music Industry
Band composing a new song in a studio
Here Is a Look at How Indie Record Labels Work
Male music agent sitting on computer with headphones reviewing concert he booked
Learn What a Music Agent Does and How Having One Helps a Band
Fans at concert
Learn About 6 Music Industry Trade Shows to Consider Attending
Black man playing acoustic guitar and singing on stage.
What Is a Rider?
The exterior of a band's luxurious touring bus parked at concert venue.
What Does a Tour Manager Do?
Caucasian men jumping with musical instruments
Learn About the Essential Elements for an Electronic Press Kit (EPK)
Music supervisor listening to music snippets on headphones while standing in the office by the window.
Music Supervisors Places Music in TV Shows, Movies, and Video Games
a business woman working on a computer designing an album cover
Getting a Job as an Album Cover Artist, Salary, Education, and More
Man listening to a record in headphones at a record store.
What Is the Difference Between Music Licensing and Distribution?
Rock Concert
Here's a Tour Release Template to Help Get Your Band Media Attention
The 58th GRAMMY Awards - GRAMMY Pre-Telecast
Are You Cut Out to Be a Band Manager?
Rock concert with many excited people cheering and waving. The lead singer is crowd surfing.
How to Become a Music Journalist
A Composer Connecting a Laptop to a Music Keyboard
Sync Licensing Versus Master Licensing
Waiting to be played
Booking and Promoting Music Concerts
Using master license to use mixing desk in recording studio
Master License Essentials for Musicians
Female radio DJ
Learn How to Get Your Song Added to a Radio Playlist
Silhouette Crowd Enjoying Concert Rock Band
The 6 Basic Rules for Loading in Before a Gig
Student running a Sound Board as a technician intern
Getting a Music Business Degree and Working in the Music Industry
Silver, gold and platinum albums on display
What Does It Mean When an Album Goes Platinum?
Close-Up Of Turntable
Get Tips on How to Plan Music PR Campaigns for Album Releases and More
Close-Up Of Hand Using Sound Mixer
The True Value of a Music Synchronization License for Artists
Music fans enjoying the music.
What's the Purpose of a Music Press Kit for Musicians?
Mixed race musician recording in studio
Find The Perfect Job in the Music Industry
Sending Email
Email Samples Bands Can Use in Music Promotion
Man working a job in the music industry
How You Can Get a Job in the Music Industry
DJ using control panel in studio
Why Up-and-Coming Artists Should Focus on Non-Commercial Radio Play
Microphone At Recording Studio
How to Dress for a Music Industry Interview
Two men at a piano using an iPad
Terms You Need to Know in the Music Business
Musician on stage
Grants and Loans to Help Fund Your Music Career
Man in recording studio
Here Are 5 Important Lessons Big Labels Learned From Indie Imprints
Group of people networking at an event
11 Tips for Rocking Networking Events in the Music Industry
Close-Up Of Sound Mixer in recording studio
The Role of an Artist and Repertoire Representative
Pop Musicians Signing a Contract in a Conference Room
Some Insights Into How to Make Money in the Music Business
Closeup of man's hands working audio mixing board
How Much Does It Cost to Release an Album?
Attending a show at a concert venue
The Risks of a Door Split Deal With a Promoter
MTV upfront. Ssome of these guys started out as interns
Will You Be the Next MTV Intern?
Students working with sound mixer
Sean Combs (Puff Daddy) Started as an Intern - Maybe You Should Too
three band members rehearsing
Learn About Music Demos
Guitar on stage
Learn What the Term Backline Means in the Music Business
How to start a record label
Helpful Tips on How to Start Your Own Record Label
Cd storage unit with cds on the floor and sofa in the background
Here Are Some Helpful Tips On How to Promote Your Next Music Gig
Berklee College of Music in Boston
Important Considerations Before Applying to a Music College
Laptop, headphones and CD on tabletop
What to Include on Your ReverbNation Profile
A day in the life of a radio plugger: Secure airtime for clients in the form of inclusion on playlists, spot plays or plays in specialist music shows, live performance sessions or even interviews; pitch and send clients' new music to radio station DJs, show producers and media contacts; maintain a database of detailed info about contacts, clients and results
Learn What a Radio Plugger's Job Entails: Salary, Skills, and More
Stack of CDs
Many Musicians Face These Common Issues in the Industry
Mixed race singer performing on stage
You Have a Chance to Play a Showcase Gig—Should You Do It?
A day in the life of a music industry record producer: Recording, communication, mixing, problem-solving
Record Producer Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More
Music Celebrities being interviewed with paparazzi
Tips for the Journalist Interviewing Musicians
Musicians on stage
Take a Unflinching Look at the 5 Ways to Blow Your Music Career
band members performing in a field
Helpful Tips on How to Upload and Promote Music Videos to YouTube
close up of 45 records
What to Look for When Hiring a Music Lawyer to Represent You