Navy Enlisted Rating (Job) Descriptions and Qualification Factors

Draftsman (DM)

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Note: this rating no longer exists. It was merged into the new Mass Communications Specialist (MC) rating in July 2006. The job description is maintained here for historic purposes only.

General Info

Illustrator-draftsmen prepare original art, technical illustrations, and graphics for briefings, training aids and publications at Navy and joint service commands. All openings that become available are provided via semi-annual selection board only. Experience is mandatory for selection. The same procedure applies to incoming recruits, who are boarded individually. Previous experience in drafting or graphic arts is required.

What They Do

The duties performed by DMs include: preparing technical drawings and audio-visual materials such as charts, graphs, slides and television projectuals; using a variety of art media, including pencil, pen, brush, airbrush, inks and paints; using freehand, mechanical, photomechanical and computer-generated lettering; preparing art and composing type for reproduction; preparing technical drawings and audiovisual materials, such as maps, charts, 35mm slides, overhead transparencies and television projectuals; operating audiovisual projection equipment; operating photographic and graphic arts reproduction equipment; operating personal computer/desk top publishing systems. Since duties vary according to billet, DMs may also perform duties normally done by ​LI, JOand PH, ratings.

Detailed List of Required Duties

ASVAB Score:

No Requirements

Other Requirements

No Additional Requirements.

Technical Training Information

No Navy schools are available for this rating. Interested personnel create and submit a portfolio to a qualifying board meeting semiannually in Washington, D.C. CNRC must also have perspective candidates boarded individually. Upon board approval, qualified personnel learn the basic skills required for the illustrator-draftsman rating through on-the-job training. DMs are assigned to major staffs ashore and afloat and serve in the fleet aboard repair ships, aircraft carriers, and amphibious ships. Petty officers maintain an even sea/shore rotation; chief petty officers usually remain onshore stations.

Working Environment

Most DMs are assigned duties indoors in clean, office environments. For the most part, they work alone or in small groups, with little supervision. Their work is mostly mental, although it requires the physical translation of ideas into graphic form.

Advancement (Promotion) Trends

Career Progression: None Available