Music News Press Release Template

Press Releases

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When you get some good news about your band or an artist on your music label, don't keep it to yourself. Maybe a singer has been asked to do a special radio session or a songwriter has just picked up an award. Whatever it is, make sure you share that information with the news media. Every time something new happens with your band or label, it gives the press one more reason to put your name in print. Following a news release template is a good way to spread the word.

Before getting started, consider a few basics. Be succinct with news releases about appearances, honors bestowed, or something similar. Put the key information up front to grab the readers' attention and go easy on the background material. Likewise, don't overthink the best time to send your press release. With breaking news, you want to get the information to the press as it happens.

The Header

The header is your headline—a summary of your news in just a few words, such as "(Band Name) to appear on (Radio Show)." This header should be larger than the rest of the text on the page and can be further set apart by using bold print. Beneath your headline, you also can include a subhead including a few more crucial details about the news. For instance, "Appearance scheduled for 4 p.m. on January 25 in the (Radio Station Call Letters) studio."

Make the subhead smaller than your headline but larger than the rest of the text on your page. Italicizing the subhead will further set it apart.

Lead Paragraph

State the news clearly and succinctly, and get straight to the point. For example, if the news release is to announce an award, open the lead paragraph with something like, "John Q. Singer has been named the recipient of the (Name of Award)." If it is an annual award, include the applicable year in the lead sentence.

Follow up the lead sentence with details about who is presenting the award, and when and where the presentation will take place. If the event is open to the public, include a sentence about when and where tickets will go on sale and for how much. Adjust the wording appropriately depending on the nature of the news being announced, but the important thing is to stick to the basic facts with the lead paragraph and avoid extraneous detail.

Middle Paragraph(s)

If applicable and available, include a brief quote from the subject of the news in the second paragraph. This is optional, and releases being sent out on short notice are less likely to include them because there might not be time to get a statement from anyone.

Following that, include a quick overview of relevant background information. If the news is about an award or an event, provide some details about it in addition to some specifics about the artist(s) being featured or honored.

Anticipate the sorts of questions reporters might ask when they call to follow up on the information in the news release. The more complete the news release, the less time you have to spend on the phone answering questions about mundane details.

Closing Paragraph and Attachments

Use the closing to include the contact information of the person who will be fielding requests for more information about the news. You also might have promotional photos of the artist who is the subject of the news release, and the closing should make it clear that the photos are included with the news release. Also, note any other documents that need to be sent along with the release.

Letterhead, Email, and Social Media

The actual news release should fit easily on one page, and it is best to use letterhead. Include the band or label logo at the top of the letterhead, if applicable, along with contact information including phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, and websites.

Attach the news release and any applicable documents to an email addressed to the news organizations receiving the release. In the body of the email, include information from the first paragraph of the news release with a note stating that more detailed information is included in an attached news release.

Use band or label websites or social media accounts to post a PDF of the release and the included information. Don't rely only on music journalists to spread the news; get the information to your online followers.