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When you get some good news about a project you have been working on - such as an artist on your label has been asked to do a special radio session or the songwriter in your band has just picked up an award - don't keep it to yourself! Make sure you share that news with the media; every time something new happens with your band or label, it gives the press one more reason to put your name in print. This template will help you spread the good word.

Before getting started, consider a few basics about "newsy" press releases. These kinds of releases should generally be shorter than your press release templates and album press release templates. Your objective is to make the news item the central feature of your press release, so big up that info and go easy on the background material. Likewise, don't worry about getting caught up in judging the best time to send your press release. You've got breaking news here - get it to the media as it happens!

Now, on to the template.

The Header

The header is where you should place your headline - a sum up of your news in a couple of words, such as "(Band Name) to Appear on (Radio Show)!" This header should be larger than the rest of the text on the page and can be further set apart by using bold print and setting the text in a box. Under your headline, you can also include a sentence including a few more crucial details about the news, for instance, "(Radio show) to host (band name) in the studio on January 25." This additional sentence should be smaller than your headline, but larger than the rest of the text on your page.

Italicizing this sentence will make it jump off the page. At the top of the page above the header, you can also include the band or label logo, if applicable.

Paragraph One

Unlike other press releases, you are not going to use multiple paragraphs to get your music news across, so this is where you want to get everything out. Include all of the basics about the news, such as:

  • If you have won an award, explain the award, who chose you as the winner, and when it will be awarded.
  • If are doing a radio session or TV appearance, briefly describe the show (how well known the show is will dictate how much detail is required)
  • If your song has been selected to appear on a charity album, tell a little bit about the charity and name some of the other artists who will be appearing with you

In this paragraph, you should also reiterate the information in your header about the whos and the whens of your news.

Optional - Personal Statement:

Often, music news stories involve some kind of honor or recognition for the artist or label at the center of the story. If this is the case for the news you want to share, and you are writing about your own label or band, include a quote telling how you feel about receiving this kind of attention. If you are a label writing the press release about news concerning one of your artists, get a quote from them. These ready-made quotes make life easier for the press, which always is a step in the right direction for getting coverage.

Paragraph Two: Use this paragraph to briefly remind people about the band or label in question. Mention recent highlights to jog people's memories about why they might know about your music, and point them in a direction where they can find more information. If you think that you need more of an introduction, include your album press release template, band/label bio separately.

The Closing

Your closing should include the contact information of the person who will be fielding requests for more information about the news and your website. It is best to set this text apart from the body of your press release in the same way you did with your header.