Focus on Building Your Personal Energy for More Time

Running out of time? Focus on your energy
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Need more time in your day? Then here's an explanation of why focusing on your personal energy management can all you to do more.

What Is Personal Energy?

Personal energy is the amount of will-power you have. It’s the amount of effort you are capable of giving, within your mind and body, to things, people, or challenges. It is the power within you to fulfill your priorities. It’s the amount of physical and mental strength you have to do what your mind and body wants you to do. 

It’s called personal energy because it’s your energy. Your thoughts, emotions, and choices affect it. There will be times when you have an enormous amount of energy, like after a good night sleep, and times when you feel like you have none, like when you get home from work and you have to make dinner for the family. 

How Would One Manage Their Personal Energy Properly?

Personal energy management is about always being aware of the state of your personal energy. The goal is not to keep your energy level high (this is unrealistic) because energy will come and go (this is realistic). 

The goals for good personal energy management are:

  • To be aware of how much personal energy you have, like is it high or low.
  • To know what ignites your personal energy.
  • To know what depletes it and how to react to that depletion.
  • How you can build your energy up when you really need some.

Do Emotions Affect Your Personal Energy?

Absolutely. Part of your energy management is controlling your reaction to the outside world. 

People can boost your energy or take some from you so it’s your job to protect it (aka manage it). People, like your children or coworkers, can cause you to feel an emotion, which can either increase or decrease your personal energy. It is your responsibility to allow or disallow the reaction to this emotion to affect your personal energy. 

For example, let’s say that your manager makes a negative comment about you leaving early to pick up your child. Most likely you’ll have an emotional reaction to this comment either in the moment or afterward. The kind of emotion(s) you choose to feel alters your personal energy. 

If you choose to stress about the comment and worry this will deplete some of your personal energy. If you allow these emotions to rumble within you until you go to bed, you will have no energy left long before your head hits the pillow. What happens when you have no energy and you still have responsibilities to take care of? You get irritable very easily. You get confused and frustrated. The kid's bedtime routine may not go smoothly because Mama is cranky!

On the other hand, let’s say your manager says you're doing a great job while you’re getting into your car. You feel like a rock star! You get home and whip up this amazing dinner everyone keeps raving about until they go to bed. You are happy with life and enjoy playing bathtub games and reading stories.  After the kids go to bed you scrub down the house so well you can take a white glove to it. You have so much energy you don’t know what else you could possibly get done but you want to do more! When you do get to bed you have the best night sleep ever!

Ok, so maybe I'm exaggerating a bit that a simple comment can send you into a tizzy, but you get my point. 

Do you see the difference? If you allow yourself to wallow in negativity it uses up a lot of your personal energy which you can’t afford to lose!. When you are extremely happy it can cause a surge in your personal energy where you feel like you need to use it. 

When you are aware of how extreme emotions can affect your personal energy you can emotionally adapt better to disallow the spikes or dips of energy from occurring. You can choose not to wallow in negativity so that your energy level doesn’t hit rock bottom. You can also choose not to let happiness override your system. Sure you got a lot done, but the next day your energy level feels the effect.