"National Month" Observances for October

October is National Apple Month
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If you're Italian-American, if you're a ​cookbook author, or, if you're a country music artist, then October is the month for you. That's because October is National Italian-American Heritage Month, Cook Book Author Month, and Country Music Month, as well as (the more serious) National Cholesterol Month. The United States is very prolific at creating "national month" events. In addition to businesses (from major corporations to local ma and pa shops) numerous worthwhile organizations and special interest groups establish a promotion during a calendar month to get their name and message out to the public.

In addition to fostering awareness, creating a national month designation is an excellent way to celebrate a nationality, a religion, an interest, or a cause. 

While you may not want to hug a "Texas chef" or believe that vegetarian and pork lovers should celebrate their food preference in different months, you'll definitely find something in October to celebrate or pay attention to.

The following events are observed every year for the entire calendar month.

October Is "National Month" Calendar

  • All American Breakfast Month
  • Better Breakfast Month
  • Computer Learning Month
  • Cook Book Month
  • Country Music Month
  • Disability Employment Awareness Month
  • Diversity Awareness Month
  • Emergency Care Month
  • Family History Month
  • German-American Heritage Month
  • Gourmet Adventures Month
  • Hunger Awareness Month
  • Hug a Texas Chef Month
  • Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual History Month
  • Mom & Apple Pie Month
  • National AIDS Awareness Month
  • National Apple Month
  • National Applejack Month
  • National Book Fair Month
  • National Car Care Month
  • National Caramel Month
  • National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Month
  • National Cookie Month
  • National Cosmetology Month
  • National Country Ham Month
  • National Depression Education and Awareness Month
  • National Dessert Month
  • National Health Care Food Service Month
  • National Hispanic Heritage Month (Mexico): September 15th-October 15th
  • National Kitchen and Bath Month
  • National Pasta Month
  • National Pickled Peppers Month
  • National Pizza Month
  • National Popcorn Poppin' Month
  • National Pork Month
  • National Pretzel Month
  • National Restaurant Hospitality Month
  • National Seafood Month
  • National Stamp Collecting Month (Canada)
  • National Biscuit Month
  • National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • National Chicken Month
  • National Cholesterol Awareness Month
  • National Courtesy Month
  • National Disability Employment Awareness Month
  • National Hispanic Month
  • National Honey Month
  • National Italian-American Heritage Month
  • National Mental Illness Awareness Month
  • National Mushroom Month
  • National Organic Harvest Month
  • National Papaya Month (also, June)
  • National Piano Month
  • National Potato Month
  • National Rice Month
  • National Roller Skating Month
  • National Sight Saving Month
  • National Spinach-Lovers' Month
  • National Toilet Tank Repair Month
  • Polish-American Heritage Month
  • Self-Improvement Month
  • Vegetarian Awareness Month
  • Women of Achievement Month
  • Women's History Month (Canada)

No matter what business or non-profit you are in, and how same the operation, it's worth considering if there is a way you can benefit by promoting yourself during October. If you support a cause, organization or interest that is not already designated then you should consider contacting Chases Calendar of Events. The directory establishes annual events for from the silly to the serious.