Online Teaching Employment Resources

As with any job search, when looking for online teaching employment you’ll want to check as many sources as feasible for recent job postings. However, there are so many different types of jobs for online teachers that you may need to narrow your search. Also keep in mind that in online teaching employment can be work-at-home or in an office. Additionally, some jobs require certification or residency in a particular state or district, even if they are work at home, so local job listings are an important place to search for online teaching employment or online tutoring. Below I have listed some other employment resources for those seeking online teaching jobs.

Companies Offering Online Teaching Employment

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I have compiled a list of more than 40 companies that offer employment related to online teaching. These include online tutoring at K-12 and college levels, course development in online colleges, test writing and scoring, adult education distance learning, foreign language teaching and textbook writing and editing.

As the name implies, this website concentrates on college level jobs--community colleges and four-year institutions. Most of its positions are not for online education or work at home. To search for these jobs, though, search the database of teaching jobs using keywords "telecommute" or "work at home."

This website reviews online schools and lists online teaching employment in distance learning. These jobs range in levels from K-12 through college but also include jobs in non-academic settings such as corporate training.


Use this free website to find teaching jobs of all types from pre-school to post-secondary levels. To find online teaching employment, use the drop-down menu to narrow your category to “online.” Choose all locations but read each job carefully to see if residency in a certain area is required.

Top Higher-Ed Jobs (

Search job board for college-level positions using "online" or "distance learning" as keywords to find online teaching jobs.

United States Distance Learning Association Job Board

Association lists career opportunities in college-level distance learning. These include instructors, professors, course developers, instructional systems designers (ISD), curriculum managers and more.

The Chronicle of Education Jobs Database

This online education journal has a lot of job listings at the college-level. However, it is very difficult to narrow those by work-at-home jobs or by online teaching. Try keywords “telecommute” (and variations) “distance education,” “distance learning” or “online course.” Or better yet narrow the search to your specific skills and read listing carefully to see if remote work is possible.