Paid Internships With Intel Corp.

The Intel logo outside of an office building
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Intel, founded in 1968, is a world leader in the development of technologies, products, and company initiatives that make advancements in the way people work and live. In 1971 Intel produced the very first microprocessor and they haven’t looked back since. Intel’s mission states that “this decade [they] will create and extend computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth”.


Intel offers one of the most challenging learning environments that one can find in an internship. Through an internship at Intel, students are able to take their academic learning to the next level. Although computer basics can be taught in the classroom, it takes the real-world experience to bring those basics to life.

At Intel, students are assigned projects that permit them to utilize their current level of knowledge and skills and bring them to the next level. Intel is a company that welcomes bright, talented students to work on projects alongside experienced professionals in the field. At Intel, you certainly don’t have to worry about spending your day just filing and making coffee.


  • Intel seeks talented students currently enrolled in a bachelor, master, or doctoral program
  • Intel seeks students majoring in engineering, science, and business-related fields
  • Intel looks for students who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher based on a 4.0 scale
  • Intel seeks interns who have excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Intel looks for candidates with prior internship and/or work experience, demonstrated leadership ability, and team-building skills
  • Intel looks for interns who are versatile and flexible and who are able to adapt quickly to new situations
  • Intel accepts candidates who are authorized to work in the United States without restriction (please see website for more details)


Summer internships can be found with Intel at many major cities across the country, including​ Chandler, AZ; Hillsboro, OR; Columbia, SC; and Folsom, CA; Santa Clara, CA; DuPont, WA; Austin, TX; Fort Collins, CO; Hudson, MA; and Rio Rancho, NM as well as various countries around the world.


At Intel, interns are considered part of the team and with this level of responsibility they are given the following benefits:

  • Intel provides interns with real-world experience using leading-edge technologies
  • Intel internships provide a competitive salary
  • Intel internships offer an opportunity to network with company managers and executives
  • At Intel, interns will get a chance to do some networking with Intel managers and executives
  • Intel offers their interns vacation and holiday time and earned credits towards sabbaticals
  • Interns have access to Intel University that provides classes for professional and personal development
  • Intel provides relocation assistance and the ability for interns to live and work in new locations
  • Intel gives consideration to interns for full-time employment after graduation.

To Apply

Qualified interns can use Intel’s job search tool to find current opportunities in engineering, science, or business. Once a candidate has found a suitable internship, they can then go ahead and click on “Apply for Job”. Applicants can register as a “New Candidate” or login as a “Returning User”.

Applicants are then allowed to upload their resume to Intel’s database and then answer several questions about their background and interest. In the objective of the resume, candidates must indicate their interest in an “Internship”. Applications are accepted year-round. Applicants who meet Intel’s minimum education and experience qualifications will be contacted by the company via email.