Expert Tip to Bust the Teen Party Animal Myth In a Retail Job Interview

How to Get Hired for Retail Summer Jobs and Tips to Overcome Teen Stereotypes

••• Reprinted with permission from Leo Cavaliere
How Teens Can Overcome the Party-Go-Lucky Stereotype in a Retail Job Interview and Get Hired for a Summer Job

Fair or not, many employers may have a pre-conceived notion that social life is way more important than work life to the average teenager and that every teen is a party animal by nature. Teen applicants need to be aware of this common assumption when applying for retail jobs and not give the interviewer any reason to reinforce this false, but common, assumption.

Leo Cavaliere, president of Cuisinox in Quebec, hires teens regularly because he appreciates the endurance and enthusiasm they can bring, even when they don't bring prior work experience. But Cavaliere says he won't hire a teen if they give him any indication that they fit a party-go-lucky stereotype. Cavaliere has this interview tip for teenage applicants...

"Remember to look awake, alert, and get to bed early. A yawn during an interview followed by 'Sorry, I got to bed late last night,'will only make you look like a rebel teen that parties late into the night.

"We expect your energetic youth to set the pace in a work place where experienced dinosaurs may be too comfortable and slowing things down a little.

"When I do find ambitious teens willing to work hard, I hire them in my warehouse or clerical office jobs. If they display special interpersonal skills, I have them try customer service."

Out of all the teenagers who apply for jobs, how does Cavaliere know an "ambitious teen who is willing to work?" Cavaliere offers one simple tip from an interviewer's point of view that could helps a teenage candidate to stand out during a job interview - remember to smile.

"A smile is a sign of positive confidence, charm, and peace," Cavaliere says. "Nobody wants a grumpy, negative teammate."

So, leave the teenage angst at home. And if you pulled an all-nighter the night before - even if you were doing volunteer work at a homeless shelter - put on your best caffeine-induced smile and dial up the positive attitude to outshine your competition and get that retail job.

As president of Cuisinox, Leo Cavaliere recruits and interviews regularly for his company in Quebec, Ontario Canada.

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