Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger's Net Worth

patti stanger millionaire matchmaker

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Patti Stanger is both a celebrity and a high-powered businesswoman. She is well-known for speaking her mind, often in a way that is sexist and judgmental. She sees men as being driven by their "primal urges" and refers to them on her business website as "products." She has amassed a significant but not tremendous fortune through her projects and is estimated by "The Richest" website to have a net worth of about $4.5 million to $5 million.

How Stanger Describes Her Millionaire's Club

The Millionaire's Club only offers "beautiful and intelligent" women in an online catalog of female prospects, which men can search by race (white/Latin, black, or Asian). Absent are women of other nationalities, and you will not find any big beautiful women (BBW) on her site. Says Stanger,

"Men are visual creatures. They are hardwired to respond to beauty first. Unless they feel attraction from a photo, they will not step off the curb to meet someone. Since Millionaire's Club is not the manufacturer of the product (men), but the distributor, we can only tell women what the mind of a millionaire man is thinking and give them pointers along the way to attract their interest."

She explains to women that, in order to "get a better man," you must be physically stunning. Patti's website presents women in two-piece bikinis so tiny that very little is left to the imagination:

"In order to get a better man, a person needs better photos! Men are visual creatures ... Professional photos make a woman look her most attractive ... and our millionaires expect the best. Affluent men do not respond to snapshots or low-quality photos. Snapshots or collegiate photos never make anyone look good."

Personal Life

Patti Stanger was born May 31, 1961, in Short Hills, New Jersey, to Jewish parents, and presently resides in Los Angeles. While she is single, Stanger has been engaged. In August 2010, Stanger announced on Twitter that she had called off her engagement to Andy Friedman, a real estate executive. Stanger and Friedman had been brought together by another matchmaker. She indicated the reason for the breakup was that they did not agree on children (she wanted kids and he did not; she remained childless). Following the breakup, Stanger received a lot of negative publicity about her ability to be a matchmaker if she was not able to find love for herself.

Professional History

Stanger has been involved with aspects of fashion and marketing for many years and seems to have inherited her matchmaking skills.

  • From approximately age 24 to 34, she worked in the fashion industry at Unionbay Sportswear, JouJou Jeans, and Saks Fifth Avenue.
  • Former director of marketing for Great Expectations until 2000.
  • Founder and CEO, Millionaire's Club International Inc.
  • Boasts that she is a third-generation matchmaker.
  • Star and executive producer of her own television show, "The Millionaire Matchmaker" on Bravo.
  • Authored several books, with titles such as "Become Your Own Matchmaker: 8 Easy Steps for Attracting Your Perfect Mate," "Seal the Deal," and "Raise Your Desirability Factor."
  • DVD: "Married in a Year."
  • Has appeared on TV shows including "Days of Our Lives" and "Drop Dead Diva."

Business Ventures

Stanger is involved with a number of different business projects, all related to her personality and style.

The Millionaire's Club — In 2000, Patti Stanger founded Millionaire's Club International Inc. (MC). She is the current CEO. MC now boasts an online dating catalog of more than 30,000 "beautiful and intelligent single women." The company has an estimated 45 employees. Based in Los Angeles, the company sells franchise licenses (for now, only outside of the U.S.) starting at $1 million. Services include matchmaking (an enhanced dating service), relationship coaching, counseling, and even physical makeovers and plastic surgery referrals. For additional income and branding, MC sells advertising space on its website to service providers, including professional photographers and caterers.

"Millionaire Matchmaker" — Stanger is the star and producer of the hit show "Millionaire Matchmaker" (Bravo). The show matches millionaires and an occasional millionairess with potential mates. Her show was a hit from its first season and averages 1.9 million viewers each week. On the show, Stanger repeatedly passes harsh judgment on the women who interview as potential dates as well as on the club members.

Radio Program. ​Since 2009, Stanger has had her own call-in radio program, "P.S. I Love You," produced by Clear Channel for XM Satellite Radio.

Vodka Promotion. ​During the summer of 2011, Patti Stanger partnered with Pucker Vodka in their Break Up and Match Up program. According to a press release, Patti began promoting the vodka in June 2011 by "pairing fun and flirty flavored-vodka drinkers' personalities with equally spirited cocktails made from Pucker Vodka — a new, flavored vodka that gets its naturally bold taste from fruit. Patti will help these flavored-vodka fans cast aside their boring, tired vodka they've been drinking all year for the bold and tasty flavors each bottle of Pucker Vodka offers."

Appearances and Speaking Engagements. Stanger remains in demand for top talk shows, magazines, and has even been offered movie deals.